The Demon and the Dancer


Hoseok is man of average looks, only known for his dancing. So having a beautiful and famous man, with a huge fan base, such as Kim Seokjin tell him he's y is unbelievable.


Famous youtuber Jung Hoseok, known as J-Hope, is known for his amazing dancing. Kim Seokjin, famous celebrity and youtuber, is known for his looks, personality, and acting. Thousands of retweets of one of Hoseok's videos jokingly saying he'd teach Kim Seokjin how to dance for his next movie leads to a collab between the two. Unbeknownst to everyone, Seokjin has a very scary secret.


Okay so let me explain that, I used Jjangu as a hellhound before I knew he was dead and then kept it that way because it was fitting. Sorry not sorry. Read if you want :)

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Zaringhares 14 streak #1
Chapter 21: Why so long? But i will wait. Intresting story!
17 streak #2
Chapter 20: aww thank u soo much author for thanking me love ur story soo much
17 streak #3
Chapter 19: hell ruler take intrest in hobi 2 let jin take jin_soo down 3 umm between 28 um nephalem i just read it um from an angel and demon child is nephalem power i justread it author somwhere but use what u like author
17 streak #4
Chapter 18: ohh bamf cool name kook
Chapter 16: Hoseok is also a demon??? that's impressive!!!!!!
this getting interesting!!!
Lovemoe #6
Chapter 15: Wow it's becoming more exciting! Keep up the good work authornim!! ❤
17 streak #7
Chapter 15: I really love the part ar u sure u r not demon hobi ahhahahah love ur story