Kang Daniel is a newly transferred student from Busan.
Meanwhile, Saerom is a student in Seoul High.


To Saerom, Daniel is just like another guy.
Or, a boy who is slowly going through his puberty.


But, never in her mind she thought that,
the puppy look-alike guy,
would act like a cat.

Shy, calm and adorable. 





Saerom slowed down her pace as her ears caught some noises behind her back. "Heol," She sighed nervously. "is someone following me?" She mumbled under her breath.

She suddenly stopped.


"Argh!" A hoarse voice groaned. To be specific, a guy's voice.

"What's this?" Saerom ran a few steps away, and turned back. Her eyes went wide when she saw the guy on the ground, struggled to stand up with his oversized yellow raincoat on.

"Hey, Kang Daniel? Were you following me?" She asked in disbelief, tighting up her grip onto the kitten to keep it safe from slipping off from her hands. 

Daniel stood up and adjusting his bag on his shoulder, before let out a smile. "Um, actually ..." It was a long pause from Daniel's mouth.

"What is it, Daniel?" Saerom soften her gaze and walked closer to the confused yet shy boy from Busan. "Is there something I can help?"

Daniel looked down and scratched at the back of his neck. It was awkward for him, but he had to do it. He has to confess something, so he wouldn't feel lost and miserable.

"Um, I am sorry. But,"

Saerom's heart beat fast. Eeng?

"do you know where this place is? I think i'm lost, hehe." 





hi guys! this is my first fanfic featuring kangdaniel from wannaone! yes, imma wannable hehe. im really new in writing plus english is not my native language so if theres some grammar mistakes or anything, im truly sorry!


i will try my best to write good chapters each so you guys will love it! <3


Special thanks to CYNOSURE▲GRAPHICS. → OPEN. | ❄ HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! COME JOIN OUR GIVEAWAY! ❄ for the pretty poster!



phew! who thought that writing would be so hard! <3

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Chapter 4: 3rd april is my birthday lol- this story is getting better :) keep writing!
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Chapter 4: interesting... nice plot