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Waiting Game



Changjo find's himself going back to Seoul after seven years in America. But Changjo has only one intention, to find the person he'd promised he would never stop loving all those years ago. What happen's when Changjo finds him in the arm's of another man? Can an old flame really be re-lit?!



Okey dokey... another one-shot, I'm not completely satisfied with this one I must say. It did come out a bit forced and rushed, seen as I've been having writers block I decided to try and rid myself of it by writing this but yeah... it didn't come out to well in my opinion. It's another ChangRick story and I just had to write a one-shot with them, I love Changjo too much! Literally too much!! But anyway... feel free to comment!

P.S I own nothing but the storyline and poster... unfortunately!


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kray_shipper #1
Chapter 1: Waaaa I really like it. I'm sorry for my short comment but I don't speak english well :(
sayumibangchoi #2
Chapter 1: omg this is a really good story
Mylifekpop #3
So sweet *-*
SHINee4ever5 #4
So totally agree with BoyfriendJungMin and MaknaeHappy!!!!!
mirmirror #5
I agree with BoyfriendJungMin~~ ^^
WeAreOneEXO66 #6
U should make a story after Byunghun break up with Ricky he meet Chunji
His heaven on earth ^^ Whenever you decide to write about this or not please tell me
Felizzity #7
This was sooooo cute~ ^-^
lesbiangodess #8
Omomomomomo!!! U should write a squeekwal!
hantai #9
Woah, thatmwas beautiful(': It made me cry when Changjo was watching them kiss TT^TT L.Joe take a walk, I'm sure you'll run into your soulmate Chunji(:‹ LOL loved it ‹333
Byunghun #10
This made me cry. Hwaiting to Changrick. The words were just melting. I could totally relate to Changjo. You must have worked hard on this fic. Keep writing~ (I look forward to your other fics)