The League of Extraordinaire


The League of Extraordinaire has always been around. There are ten schools around the world and one stationed just outside the atmosphere. They have been protecting humanity for as long as anyone can remember. Now though they are facing an enemy they can not handle. Students are being evacuated to the Atmosphere and schools abandonded. The League is doing everything they can to help but there isn't enough of them to hold back the darkness. 



The league of Extraordinaire


The League has been searching for children who show potential across any borders and have been offering them sanctuary and training. 

The school in northern Europe was the first one hit, followed by the ones in Mexico and Canada. All three fell. The Russian school was attacked but remained strong. Antarctica was the first to abandon and retreat to the Atmosphere followed closely by New Zealand and China. India was destroyed with all the students still inside. Brazil was prepared for the attack and evacuated when the attack started. The Atmosphere was beyond maximum capacity so students started being sent to the school in  New York. 

An emergency school was set up in Incheon for the students who couldn't get to New York and started training young Extraordinares. 


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✩ TITLE: The League of Extraordinaire
✩ AUTHOR: Krissy
✩ GENRES: Supernatural AU
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Chapter 7: Teaser two is already interesting for me, I can't wait for the story to start!!^^ Don't delete the updates~ It helped me to create my character's app so some people might get some help from that chapter too hehehe
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Chapter 7: Teaser two is up >< I'm excited to see the full story~ anyways thank you for accepting Yu Mei ^^
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Chapter 7: Oooh a teaser that relates to characters who refuse to leave!
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Chapter 3: I fixed the errors for Seosik and H-18
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Hello, first of all thank you for sparing time looking onto my application, reviewing it, and even giving me a consultation. I just want to inform that I had been doing the change on my application. I hope it will meet your liking this time around ^^;
Chapter 3: Hi! Thanks for the review! I did the changes! Hahaha the drama part was just something i came up with hahahhaa!
Chapter 3: Yeah, sorry about that. XD
Tsuki and I were writing together so when we were talking about it, it made sense to us at the time. I forgot no one knows the plot except for us so-- Whoops.
Thanks for accepting him~
Chapter 3: Thank you for the review! So, when it comes to her personality, I don't actually see how those traits conflict, personally. Her sensitive trait actually connects with the warm trait- It's sensitive, like, very emotional so she becomes emotionally invested in people with makes them feel cared for. But because of that, she makes their problems and failures her own. And that even connects with harsh, because when she is disappointed she becomes harsh in terms of trying to push others too hard. Does that make more sense??
As for the rings, MiYeun really wasn't into fancy stuff so she wanted a simpler ring for her wedding ring than what Jeongmin proposed to her with. But I get why you might think otherwise, because that is generally true.
I am sorry to hear about your sister. If you ever need go talk, I'm always here.
Chapter 6: Hi,
Is your story going to be written in first person?
Chapter 3: The previews are sooo good :D
Somehow I kinda want Cheol Seok to become friends with Jihyun and Hana.
Since they hate their gift so much and especially Jihyun is a hella dangerous, it would be nice to see if Cheol Seok will finally be able to think his gift is worth something. Plus the girls will be more at ease. I really love how everything just seems to connect so well.
I'm so exited for this *_*