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In this story, you'll meet Athena Lee, also known as Nina. You will read about her struggles of being the new girl in a Korean High School. She will meet tons of new friends and maybe some enemies. Typical High School life. You'll also read about some of her friends in America and her parents. Please enjoy~ Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and questions(: <3 Thanks~


Athena Lee:

Grade: Junior

Favorite Subject: Vocal & Math

Friends: Anna (Fictional), Jay (Fictional),Nancy(Fictional),  Daesung, GD, Bom,

Hobbies/Interest: American Food, Volleyball, Dancing

Note from character: "I really miss America..."


Grade: Junior

Favorite Sub: Art and Vocal 

Friends: GD, Taeyang, Seungri, Minzy,

Hobbies/Interest: Singing, Cotton Candy, Amusement Parks

Note: " Can't wait to meet the new girl. I heard she's foreign"


Grade: Junior

Favorite Sub: Writing and Gym

Friends: Daesung, TOP, CL, Seungri

Hobbies/Interest: BasketBall, Coffee, Late Nights

Note: "Look at the sunset.. Beautiful isn't it"


Grade: Senior

Favorite Sub: --------

Friends: TOP, Seungri, Dae, Dara,

Hobbies/Interest: Long walks, Coco-cola, Baseball

Note: "Who cares about the new girl. My life is more important to me."


Grade: Senior

Favorite Sub: Science

Friends: Bom, Taeyang, GD

Hobbies/Interest: Music, Rapping, chocolate

Note: "I am who i want to be. Got that?"


Grade: Junior

Favorite Sub: He rather skip his classes

Friends: Taeyang, Dae, CL,

Hobbies/Interest: Dancing,Flirting, Laughing

Note: "I only go to school because one: I have nothing else to do, two: Y GIRLS , three: I have really funny friends (DAESUNG) ^-^


Grade: Junior

Favorite Sub: Art and US History

Friends: Jay, Athena, Nancy

Hobbies/Interest: Korean Food, Dancing, Volleyball

Note: "My life has been turned upside down with you gone.Just saying!"


And more will come as the story developes.


Hey~ The name is Athena Lee. Friends call me Nina~!! I was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, but now I'm living in New Jersey. I really like Jersey more than Cali because i love the way the snow and cold feel and the people are much nicer. I do miss my family in California but my family here helps me get over that feeling. I made lots of new friends here like: Anna, Nancy, and Jay. Anna is such a funny girl. She can do gags really well and that girl can dance! Nancy, is such a downer, haha, im joking. She speaks the truth and she has her funny moments. There is Jay. This girl is good at dancing too, I think her and Anna should be a dance crew! Jay is also fun to talk too, she's very encouraging. My friends are the best in the world. Every weekend we would chill and hang out. We would also do dance covers of some of the top stars in america.

Growing up, my father made me learn Korean. But it never really caught on. I never really liked Korean Music until my first year in highschool now im obsessed. All my nonasian friends, except for Jay, thinks KPOP is weird. But it's whatever. I have talent, haha, I can dance and sing really well. I wanna be a singer? Sure. It's not my dream though. I have no plans to ever go to Korea. It's not like i have family that i know of over there. I rather stay here in america than visit a country that i have no clue about. I would say I'm a good student and I pretty much have my future of being a Doctor set. My mother is proud of my dream. So am I.

One day, I ran down stairs and went to get some breakfast. This was during the summer before Junior year started. I poured some Frosted Flakes in a bowl with some milk and bananas (Jersey Style). I sat in the living room and the TV, and started watching some Tom and Jerry. I looked on the living room table and saw a note for me and it said:

~Study your Korean, Hun. For the rest of your highschool years, you'll be in Korea. You be heading down there the last week in August! Your father wants you to grow up into the perfect Korean women and I think it's time you knew more about your Korean culture. Have fun(:

I was both angry and happy. I agreed with my mom but i didnt want to leave everything behind so quickly. The end of August was 3 weeks away. Ottokke? -.- Can I just not do this? Gah, why appa?!?!?! I am going to have a long talk with them, when they get home. I can promise you that~


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xxxshineejongkeyxxx #1
Chapter 15: sooo sad TT
JungYooMi #2
I cried at the "airport" part. Daesung and Athena! Love the couple and I hope Athena won't hit Yoomi because she loves Daesung. Hope Yoomi and Athena become friends. SEQUEL PLEASE!
KangJaemi #3
Such sadness.
asianess #4
D: omgggg T.Tsadd
ily4everbang #5
Does Daesung like her? Why would she give him to Minzy. If she doesn't want him then give him to me.
ily4everbang #6
Yah! Heechin. *Blinks* I don't stalk Gd. OMG! They kissed.
KangJaemi #7
GD doesn't have a stalker :P
asianess #8
GD has a stalker?? More than nancy?? Lol JK
ily4everbang #9
Nina and Dae on a date. LOVE to see what happen. ^.~ Oh Jaemi.