The Awakening

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The moment he saw her, that was the time he sees the reflection in her.


The rumors that had been wild going around was all about her.


‘She’s the one.’


Jung Daehyun

            A rebellious man who was in a gang alongside his other five mates under the name of B.A.P. He had a perfect life and a bright future ahead of him but he was an ungrateful person. Daehyun lived as the one and only son of the country’s president. He was well-known with his bad manners and ugly personality, it was nothing compared to his parents. Among his other five members, he was the badass and stubborn.


Kim Haeun

                Known as the ‘special girl’ because of her outstanding amethyst eyes. The daughter of the infamous bussiness man in town. Haeun grew up with no memories about her childhood, no matter how hard she tries to remember, she always fainted. Her appearance was often described as the earth’s goddess. Her personality endeared everyone. But something about her is off.


Hello-- So this is my first story that I've decided to share and post here. Bear in mind that English is not my first language. I apologized for any error with the grammars, spellings and etc. Thank you

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Chapter 9: i feel bad for daehyun. at first he such a badass guy but now he looks likes an innocent guy (?)
Chapter 9: Oh the place is so nice though ❤❤❤❤
Chapter 8: Daehyun is bad enough to say things at haeun but i feel sad with his current condition in this chapter. He is just rebelling i think with that kind of personality he shows. It's good haeun is there.
Amazing, can't wait to read more
The description drag me in, cannot wait for the update
Sounds amazing~~ Cant wait to read it!
The description sounds great!