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πῦρ : ὕδωρ : γῆ : ἀήρ : αἰθήρ
5 girls find a tear in the world and find themselves in another universe, one in ruins. There they find something that will change them forever. 

The five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and aether. They have an element at their bidding, but nothing comes for free. It's up to them to right the wrongs between worlds, but can they save everything when they hardly know what's going on at all? And how will they juggle all of that with their lives in the real world? 
Hey, I'm Shay! This fic was inspired by my love for fantasy stories, desire to play with superpowers, friendships, and antics, and with a special mention of the W.I.T.C.H. comics and Sailor Moon anime of my childhood. With this fic I hope to embrace both fun crack and serious mystery and everything inbetween as friendships are forged and tested, crazy powers are experimented with, and antics ensue. Join me on this magic carpt ride, it will be nothing short of extraordinary for everyone involved!


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GUARDIANS: Hey guys, it'd be cool if we can get some more diversity going in the apps! Some more asians (east or south-east), middle-eastern, hispanic, etc! I'm trying to be better than Hollywood here xD Europe is a really diverse place, too!

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Chapter 5: Glad to.know you got more apps in!!!
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Chapter 3: Thank you so much for the nice review ! I'm so happy you liked Kat :D
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wait is the deadline 26 or 16?
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Chapter 3: iM cryingGG the deadline is jan 16 and i jus got back to this story to start my app T-T
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Oh crap. I never got around to this. But hope you get more apps in!!
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Chapter 3: Thank you for the super nice review! I had fun reading it omg I'm glad you liked Halsey ^^ And you noticed a lot of things, too. I appreciate that a lot~ I'd spazz with you more but I'm kinda late for school now XD Ciao!
Chapter 5: i'm working on my app but i'm kinda lost atm @- @
i might figure it out by the deadline tho but like
she's not worth extending the deadline for OTL;;
Chapter 5: still working on my app!!! i’ll hopefully get it done by the 16th
gotta get my brain juices going omg
Chapter 5: still working on my app & will definitely be finished before the deadline!
Chapter 5: I'm still working on my app but it should be completed by the due date!! ^^