Casualties and companionship!! Platform updated.


Hello! Happy new year, mate. As you can see from the title, I am still looking for a companion but with casualties. As of now, I am feeling really lazy and I'm not in the mood to plot as well. I am open for any types of relationship, just tell me if you want to be buddies or to act something more than that. I am not sure of what I am looking for, but I just had these lonely days when I want to cutely nag someone and to cuddle?

 I can do straight and relationships. I am open for , I literally have these hours lol. Kinks can be furthermore discussed but I ain't really sensitive about that. Ooc talks are pretty much fine. Light plotting is okay like for example muse A and B went out on their first date. I just have no time for heavy detailed plots. If you just want to cuddle at night and talk about how beautiful stars are, then I'm perfectly fine with that. Lol.

Platform can be KIK, IG or kkt. I have unknown issues with Line and I can't use it, sadly. GMT+8 but I swear, I have a weird body clock. 

My muses and my preferred muses for you can be anyone from GOT7, twice or ulzzangs, but I am willing to try any other else since I really don't care. It's just that I often use these faceclaims.

I am pretty busy at some point but I'll try my best to respond as quick as I can.

Interested? PM or comment your ID, muse, your preferred muse for me. And please do tell me, what kind of relationship do you expect from us?


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Hii! I hope this still open
My platform is kkt and my id is JeonJerrisya02
I'm bored and we can talk about anything and everything
produce111 #2
line - bipolarslife
talk to meeeee
i'm bored af
Hi~ i'm interesting since i look someone can be my buddies or more.... and tired for people who leave me behind.
My fc is Bambam Got7 since you like to use that too... it would be nice~
My platform is line.. my id : melisyo
Hope to hear from you soon~
hello! i hope you're still open because i'm gonna drop myself here hehe c :
my faceclaim is hirai momo and my tmz is gmt+7. tbh i don't really expecting any kind of relationship because i was just looking for a companion since i'm lonely af ( and i'm pretty clingy i hope you don't mind ; < ). but well i'd like to go on a date hehe~ i'll share with you the list of dates i came up with later : D
the only platform i use for now is kkt. hmu @ gummies ♡