The War Goddess

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A girl with a name of a greek goddess needed to make two choices. 

Two choices that involved her with 12 princes.


... I just a sudden idea of making a story and then this hit me. 

This story was made out of my dreams and my notebook that has full of ideas. This story will be a bit slow updated because this story is a bit different from how I usually write my other stories. 

Anyway, I hope you guy's like the story and enjoy!


Cover was beautifully made by strwbrrymeru123

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Chapter 25: and yes i also want kyungsoo for the next chapter pretty pleasee
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Chapter 25: omg tao is so cute hahaha
13 streak 0 points #3
Chapter 25: The older ones cause she dont know them and they had one of the least members i read. Im curious who is mingyu in here what is his role? Mingyu is flirting with her damn~ what do you think will happened when the other prince know about it?
Alosya 0 points #4
Chapter 25: Do kyung soo
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Chapter 25: I wanna say Chanyeol or Junmyeon since she's already acquainted with them (more than the rest ex. Yixing) but at the same time I feel like a completely new prince should pop up (so that would be Kyungsoo, Jongin, Kris or Jongdae right?)

I love them all (although Kris would probably be slightly higher than the other three) so I'd be happy with any of them really
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Chapter 24: Nooooo Baek :( you're just a puppy wanting attention aren't you?
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Chapter 24: I feel so sad for baekhyun maybe thats why he's like that. Dont worry baek many people loves you hahaha
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Chapter 24: Awww i want to hug baek but he’s still acting such an so maybe later
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Chapter 23: I liked Yixing so so so so so muchhhhh, I don't know why, but I just like him ><
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Chapter 23: I wonder what happened to his brother after she past out. I hope they really learn their lesson though i think not and beakhyun should really apologize to her. Now all the prince knew her not just some of them. Im gonna say it again although i said it before. Hah i was right she is rose not maryrose haha their is just some typo error. Haha XD i cant waift for the next three months that will go by