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Baekhyun is a twenty-six year old who married a much older man. Unfortunately for him, his husband died leaving him in the hands of his five-step sons. The eldest, Park Chanyeol, hates his guts, while the youngest, Park Moonbok thinks he is his father. 


This is going to be an interesting story. Oh and this has . The pairings are Chanbaek and a little Kaisoo perhaps. Have fun reading !

To my regular readers, this is the story I had in mind and was speaking of a few days ago. 

Yay this has 1143 subs now !!

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okay i had to come show you this
it s a gif set of suho being jealous over sehun and then holding hands with him and it's the cuuuuutttesst! you came to mind lmao
ArmyPrincessSarah #3
Chapter 54: The links aren't clickable & I can't copy/paste (T_T) why do you tease me??? orz
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Chapter 54: I wish I could use the link :(
38 streak 1 points #5
awwwww......but the link dosen't work:(
Authornim what's happening? Why I'm seeing myself un subscribe from this story? :o
pcybbh_6104 #7
Chapter 54: U know what authornim. Ur updates r gold. Everytime i see u update new chapter, it makes me so excited. Tq for another wonderful update <3
Lmao Suho... he was like: hands off, hunnie is mine
Chapter 54: And before that Chanyeol has followed Baekhyun everywhere throught out the song. The seems so playful and happy today.
if that is not love I dont know what else.
Chapter 54: They are so freaking cute I can't