A New Beginning


A painful break up leads to an unexpected meeting that would change both of their lives forever.

Park Jiyeon is an internet sensation. She live streams for a living and was one of the founders of her Internet group. Her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with her during a charity event which scars her. Not too long after she meets Min Yoongi not knowing he was part of the popular group, BTS. Will he be able to mend her broken heart?

When you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up

That is what I tell myself every time I feel like

I lost someone that day

I didn't realize I would meet someone who would change my world so fast


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155 streak #1
Chapter 24: wow that escalate fast I mean wow. Bang pd takes the matter in his owm hand. I really thought he was against them thought I know he wouldnt but still couldnt help it! Kyaaa!! They are together *CLAPSSSS*
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Chapter 23: Bammm they are caught in another dating scandal.... man I really dont want those two got separated again when they just made up after the long break they had from each other.
It's a really good story! Please uptade ^~^
pandicorn3060 #4
Chapter 22: I’m loving thisssss❤️ I was getting mad at Tae for no reason. Gosh I love him. But keep up the great work!
Esra67 #5
Chapter 22: I think I was mad at Taehyung for nothing ! I never thought he would do that ! Love it !
155 streak #6
Chapter 22: KIM.TAEHYUNG YOU GENIUS I mean gosh why are u being a cupid? I mean I dont mind but -THIS IS SWEET TAE AND HER. Then he brings yoongi in the picture..im proud hmmm of you tae good boyy
Esra67 #7
Chapter 21: I just finished reading all. It is soooooo good I need more !!! Pleaaase !! Btw I hope taehyung will stop it makes me so angry ?? the story was a little bit confusing in the beginning but I LOOOVE it. I hope junho will be back I want to know why he broke up with jiyeon :) Can't wait for the next chapter !!
Chapter 21: Please tell me that Taehyung is just PURPOSELY edging Yoongi on. N Yoongi, really, REALLY? Walking in boxers only? So i assumed he slept only with boxers on, with Jiyeon? Wows.
1 points #9
Chapter 19: Wow, just wow! New reader here. Just wanna say, the story is great so far. I wonder y Junho broke up with her n how long she's gonna be in Korea. For god sake one of them need to make the first move. Yoongi, do something!
155 streak #10
Chapter 19: Tae oh tae.. are you trying to push suga at the edge so he will make the first move or u actually like her that way? Taehyung is so unreadable.