It’s You


The first time they met was during her highschool years, Jongin, her older brother by a year came home panting with a smaller boy beside him, it rained heavily at the time when the boys walked together, and thinking that the little boy home is further away, Jongin decided to just bring him along to their house, worried that the little boy would lost his way going home, he was after all thirteen years old at the time. Jongin couldn’t help it by being like a big brother he is, caring for the boy like he did for his own sister. 

Then Jongin found out that the little boy house isn’t that much further away from theirs, it’s just around the corner, they laughed it out on how protective Jongin is towards the boy he just met when they play basketball together that they somehow form a special bond from that first time play. 


The boy really looked up to Jongin, being the only child in his family makes him a bit lonely but after his family move to the new neighbourhood he doesn’t feel that lonely anymore. His family even grew close with theirs, they even spend the weekend together by going to the nearest beach - which is a two hours drive - their father took turns driving the rental van - in which somehow Oh Sookjin decide that he should just buy the van since his wife is very fond of it.

I might add a bit of M chapters for language and something more .. but no worries, I would warn before posting the chapters and will mark it .


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