The Perfect Life


Innocence blooms when ambitious Kim Namjoo chases after Oh Sehun, who has never had a first love. All starts as fun and games, but when Sehun shows reluctance to her intimacy Namjoo ends up desiring more out of their relationship. Their broken lives lands on common ground, but that link is soon broken.  After their first night, Namjoo realizes Oh Sehun is more than she has bargained for and with a load of heavy baggage she cannot carry. Four years after Namjoo has run from the trauma of their relationship, they meet again. When she believes a whole new life is just beginning for her, Sehun has come to find her and all hell breaks loose.

***Characters are mine, this is all from my imagination. I'm only borrowing images and names, no other intention.

***This story may contain sensitive topics, thus I marked it with a trigger warning.


I apologize for putting Something is You on a semi-hiatus. I believe I will return to it in the future as KaiJoo has an important spot in my writer's heart. 

I want you to note, as many of you are young readers, that this story will breach upon very sensitive materials and ask that you read with caution. As male are coming to light, it's become of an interest to me when I came across an article via facebook. The article can be found here.  is a very serious crime and I will not make light of it nor do I appreciate others making jokes of it. I have thought long and hard before writing a story with the subject of as it is very sensitive and have previously not been fond of fics about it - my thoughts have changed gradually about that. As a writer I believe we can't always hide reality behind our curtains of romances, fluff, and comedy, but I want to show there are successful endings in life. And I am all about angst and tears after sorrow. Also, forgive me if I go too far or too little into the subject and will set myself to more research as I go further into the story. 

Many thanks from me, minifantasy

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Milaaae #1
Chapter 9: God i love your story, sehun is so cute. I hope he open up a bit to namjoo
blue54 #2
Chapter 9: Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh i can't handle it, ah really what a cute way to end the day hhhh, aaaaa Oh My God this chapter is make me always smiling along side the story hhh
Riris16 #3
Chapter 9: Oh my god! Why are they so cute?! They are like teenager in love lol the details and the sweetness.... Authornim jjang!
Chapter 9: OMGGG SEHUN JUST DID THAT??? my heart T.T
oh, and can eunhui stop bothering sehun
hennyKNJ #5
Chapter 9: This is so corny, i mean hunjoo moment..
I have my finger curl the whole time reading this lol
They are so cute oh my godddd
Thanks for this chapter by the way, you did a really good job for this chapter
Chapter 9: OMG SEE
Nah, each other's cheeks first
Then lips, hahahaha
Sehun_ily #7
Chapter 9: Omg :O sehun is so cute arghhg
blue54 #8
Chapter 8: Ooooooouuuuu soooo what we got here? Sehun i start to open up with Namjoo yeay... Hhh i like it XD
Chapter 8: Hoooo
They visit each other's house
Then gonna visit each other's heart?
Chapter 8: omg omg