(re-open!) craving for male partner interested in relationship! i only look for someone who're serious for this. ♡ updated!

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hello, people! yes, i'm looking for male partner who're into 1x1rp and i've been lonely on my single life since i don't have any life anymore. as my title stated, i'm looking for a male roleplay partner, who're:

  • active, fast replier.
  • straight.
  • who're into relationship and have intention to marriage r/s.
  • loves skinships, cares, affection and giving attentions to me.
  • honest and doesn't keep any secrets from me.
  • treat me better and willing to spend time with me.
  • who're open to and loves to have dates with me.

your faceclaim must be wanna one members (daniel, seongwoo, jihoon, woojin, jaehwan), jbj members (yongguk, taehyun, kenta), mxm's youngmin, monstax's wonho, etc. suggest me if you're not comfortable any of them!

my faceclaims are : redvelvet's irene, pristin's kyulkyung, wjsn's chengxiao, sonamoo's euijin, model's lee borim, dreamcatcher's sua & jiu, good day's jiwon, gugudan's hana.

don't apply if you're think that you cannot handle this and leave me behind yet hanging.

if you're interested. please pm me! urgent please! my platform would be only on facebook. sorry.


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