Bedtime Stories

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Jiyeon's and Taeyong’s bedtime stories featuring their parents’ memories.



Basically this is gonna be another oneshots or drabbles collection from me. Not like my previous collection which was very random, this would be focus on Jiyong told his and Taeyeon's past to his children, Jiyeon and Taeyong. Although it's still random, I mean it's not gonna be in chronological order but it's still in one theme which is about Jiyong and Taeyeon's past here. You'll know what I'm trying to say here kekeke.

I can't promise anything particularly regular update because again I emphasize this is collection of oneshots and drabbles. I would be updated this collection every time I've got ideas on my mind. And I feel exciting to tell you that you may put up your suggestions for this collection, yeay! Such as 'could you tell me how Jiyong proposed to Taeyeon?' or 'make a father-son bond moment for Jiyong and Taeyong' or any of your suggestions cause I will gladly take a note for that :)

Lastly I kindly ask you to leave comments because it means a lot for me, believe me or not I really love to read feedbacks on my stories. And if you could, you may vote the story as well if you like it :)

See you on my first update!

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Chapter 5: Ahhhhh I really really like this story authornim>< thankyou for making such a wonderful story, and thank you for going strong with us, I'll never give up on gtae. Ahhh can't wait for another chap authornim
jisellediosa 110 streak #2
Chapter 5: Uhoh its that time of the month for tae.. i guess jiyong will have a diet kkkk
KwonKimGDTae #3
So sweet!!! Please the news of pregnacy, and stories about the nine months with jiyeon in taeyeon baby bump with jiyong.... Hahahahaha
chaeki_sunsky #4
Chapter 5: The fluffiest one yet :)))
Yep the first kiss is done, thank you.
yoona-ssi #5
Chapter 5: i just love how fast you update., kudos for the effort. can't wait for next chap
Kwonharin #6
Chapter 5: Reading your story is a must before sleeping.. I really really really love it.. How I wish can hit upvote button multiple times
mzlyod 22 streak #7
Chapter 5: This fic is one of the best of gtae... and fast update too... dont eva change nim... tqvm
Chapter 5: This is really the best :) I really like how we’re going one at a time how gtae started. Looking forward to the next one. Fighting, authornim!~
Chapter 5: 1st kiss and 1st confession.cant wait when they introduce each other as boyfriend/girlfriend to their members and the story where ji will tell jiyeon when he saw his wife performing with other guys
bigbang0388 #10
Chapter 5: You are jjang.... ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒