Where fate leads


She was the total opposite of me. She was as bright as sunlight whereas I was dark as night. She was refreshing breeze of spring and I was as cold as snow. I've known that opposite attracts but never believed in it until she came. Fate was merciful enough for someone like her to love me but I was foolish for not accepting it and letting her go. If only I can turn the time or can make a wish I would wish to be with her for my lifetime. If only............

"The path you showed me was beautiful, But I wasn't brave enough to walk on it"


Hello friends. I've been an aff reader for more than a year but this my first time writing a story. I am total amateur at writing so please keep your expectation really low. I am just developing a hobby to keep myself occupied. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. And if you have any complaints you can correct me just be careful with your words. If you guys like the description then only I'll continue this story or else I'll remove it. So please help me out here. Also if I do continue this story I can't promise anything or to update time to time. So........ See ya!

I hope I succeeded in creating an atmosphere in this chapter.

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thantthant7 0 points #1
Chapter 10: They are starting to fall for one another I guess...Yuri is like a cupid between them XD..Thanks for the update :)
thantthant7 #2
Chapter 9: I wondered how they became lovers..I also wondered who confessed first?Must be Seohyun? XD
thantthant7 #3
Chapter 8: Fate really seems to be playing with Yoona..But why is the real reason she left Seo??And Seohyun now has a kid??Keep writing author-nim,I'll be cheering you if I can...Plus happy ending pleaseeee :(
yulsic26 #4
This is will be a happy ending story?
Really need a happyend yoonhyun fic nowdays..
yoongie23 #5
Chapter 5: So this is angst story ?? n Seo alr married n has a son...??? I really didnt like an angst story,, specially for YoonHyun..T.T
Chapter 4: i do like the cover.... and i am liking the flow of the story. i am eagerly wating for seohyun to come out hehhehe .... it's nice that my advise have been helpful to you. if u want to improve ur writing then try to read other stories as much as u can to help u get some ideas on the flow of the story. plus a piece of advise i learned from high school. try not to use the same words in the chapter. u can try substituting the words with other words of the same meaning ( happy- joyful, blissful, cheerf,merry jolly)
iceberg_99 #7
You dont know how happy you had made me by commenting that you are loving my story. Thank you soooo very much.You have boosted up my will to write. And no I am not gonna take your advise negatively so don't worry. In fact I appreciate that you are taking interest and helping me improvise. Thank you once again. Will try to update soon. And btw did you liked the cover? I made it myself.
So see you until next update.
Chapter 3: hmmm excited to see Seohyun making her appearance. I'm no expert in writing but a piece of advise for a fellow writer. u can use comma in long sentences.
ex. After getting up early, Yoona finished......

-sorry for pointing it out though. i am not intending to criticize u but just giving u some pointers for ur future reference. i hope u won't take it negatively.

I am loving the flow of the story so far. keep it up and thank u for bringing such wonderful story for us to read.
Chapter 1: Awwweeee guuurrlll congrats on your first story!!! hope you'll crate more from now on and flourish!
As you've described yourself as an amateur writer I suggest keep the plot, work with it and see where you'll go ;) Every story needs to starts with something and you have it