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a twitter roleplay


about us

For more years than people care could recall, humans have been living alone, mingling only with those of their likes. They sometimes live at war, sometimes in peace, time goes and the history only write of humans. Other than that? Theyre just legends, myths written by elders to pass down to their youngster in order for them to behave. In every myth, every legend, there’s a little bit of truth injected, reality like no other, events that people recall and might lost purity through story telling.

For years all humans could understand that those of whom look human, speak humans, are humans. Only for the last few decades that humans understand. Driven by the need of having living space, humans edges closer to places they’re not meant to be in, they unknownly also drive the myth, the legend, to comes out of reality, coming out of their bubble of protection and mingle with the likes of humans.

And then human learns. Myth, Legends, Reality, whatever it is, it becomes meaningless if you don’t learn to survive. Many wars are held, claiming that humans are the ‘real’ creatures. Confusion risen, as much as they are legend and mythical, they’re all also very human. Debates risen and the world is tense, very few places now able to held the peace, to keep humans and their likes live along without much concern voiced from both parties.

Solarium, an island made by human technology and the sheer mythical power, holds the key to freedom and peace. Place where both side can live alongside without a worry in their mind. A place away from the corruption of disbelief and closed off mind. In an island where the sun bask the warmest and the moon shine the brightest, everyone feel at ease.


one. Subscribe to the thread, and if possible, do upvote too!
two. We are a closed roleplay, no following or interacting with outsiders.
three. Stay in character. We know it's an AU RP but make sure your actions are still in line with your faceclaim's personality.
four. Strictly no godmodding! Keep dramas as low as possible and do NOT face-chase and OTP-chase.
five. Please have 50 tweets in 48 hours and a/c will be held very weekend
six. Unlimited CC but keep a one month gap in between! Temp CCs lasts for a week.
seven. TL is unrated but please refrain from talking about sensitive topics. No RTing NSFW things and sm*t in dms please.
eight. Love whoever you want but both parties must be in the RP for a week. Marriage after a month of dating. Move-in couples are allowed.
nine. Mention or DM base when going on H or SH.
ten. Limit the OOC, please.
eleven. Do NOT talk to outsiders/people that aren't part of the rp/people who has not yet to be verified
twelve. 3 strikes system. If you've got 3 warnings from mayor (due to inactivity or rules breaking) you'll be automatically kicked out. p*ssword: current favorite song
thirteen. Socialize with everyone, and have fun

how to join

one. Subscribe!
two. Check masterlist to pick an FC. Can't decide? Check out our wish list and make one of our wishes come true. You can add/remove 3 years to your faceclaim's original age for humans! And add up to 20 years for creatures!
three. Send us your application form via the thread's comment section or mention us on Twitter.
four. you have 48 hours to make your account once accepted. You can ask for an extension.
five. Add Solarium, age, creatuers and occupation somewhere in your bio.
six. Follow everyone and mention base for verification.
seven. Username format is @(idolname)solar or @solar(idolname).
eight. menton to be verified~

application format






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thecoldpillow #1
name: Chanon Santinatornkul
group: actor (thai)
age: 21, but actual age is at least 200 years old
occupation: dermatologist
creature: kitsune
brief background: aside from moving around from place to place for over a century, he seems to be looking for something. the problem is no one knows what, and neither does he. fortunately, he has found a niche in each new city, opening up a dermatology practice.
how long have you lived in solarium: just moved in, 2 hours
tz: gmt -5
pw: lower - amber and luna
deanbean #3
full name: kwon hyuk
group: soloist
age: appears to be 25 but real age is unknown
occupation: surgeon
creature: kistune

brief background:

dean likes to be alone primarily because he's never had a proper "family." sure a pack but he never fit quite right with the wolves or the foxes he seemed to always be just the odd one out. learning to fluctuate between kitsune and human, dean begins to live a life he had always watched from afar. coming across solarium, he starts dwelling in the shadows as a human, finding himself a proper job. with his struggle to communicate and socialize, dean often shys away, awkward and lonesome.

how long youve lived in solarium: 10 years
timezone: -8
password: heart shaker; twice
shesapoisonspider #4
full name: lee jaehwan
group: vixx
age: 136, looks 24
creature: vampire
brief background:

solitude was the reason jaehwan packed up his bags and left. he was used to being all alone, but he was starting to reach his limit. the empty house seemed larger than ever as each person he had turned ran away to live a better life-no one was able to handle his...rough personality it seemed. it was okay, though. jaehwan was okay. he just needed to go somewhere else, someplace that didn’t hold all of the painful memories, that was all. he didn’t need companionship, all he needed was a fresh new place to live in. that was all.

how long you’ve lived in solarium: 25 years
timezone: +3
password: shangrila by vixx
winwin11 #5
Full name: Jessica Jung
Group: soloist
age: 25
Occupation: unemployed atm
Creature: merfolk
brief background: a rich mermaid who was dependent on her parents until she finally decided to choose her path. Being on land made her feel excited but lost because how everything is new to her, and how she didn't have anyone to guide her.
how long have you lived in solarium: 2 weeks
timezone: gmt +8
password: akmu's dinosaur
full name: im yuri
group / affiliation: ex-evol member, soloist and dj
age: appears 25, real age unknown
occupation: seamstress and shoemaker
creature: merfolk

brief background: A fish out of water when it comes to socializing, Yuri never fit in with the other merfolk under the sea. She was an excellent huntress due to all the time she spent on her own, and what better to do than to hunt when all on her lonesome? Still, nothing was quite right for her, she was never truly approved of either. The other merfolk saw darkness in her, but she was simply an independent mermaid. The older she got, the more she drifted away from the other merfolk, until she eventually washed up and found Solarium. The world of humans and land-dwellers was much more inviting, and she learned to do so many new things while on land. She learned so much, in fact, that she fell in love with the land, and decided to never go back. She has been happier here, able to enjoy her time on her own and not be punished for being so independent. She enjoys her peaceful solitude, and for once feels comfortable and content.
How long have you lived in solarium? 5 years
Timezone: GMT-5
Password: Universe by EXO
kang seulgi
red velvet
appears 23, her real age is unknown at this point
seulgi was always fascinated with the human world. despite her mother's warnings, she always enjoyed venturing out into the bustling towns, slipping in and out of the shadows to watch the humans. it was when she finally got her shapeshifting ability that she got a real taste of the life these creatures led. now, it has been many centuries yet the girl has not lost her 'obsession' - as her family would call it - over the humans. though she lives in solarium, seulgi still yearns to learn more about them.
around two years now
gmt +0
tokio myers - baltimore
( redo because that messed up ;; )

Bae joohyun
Red velvet
More than one hundred but stop aging at 21

born a pureblood vampire, bae joohyun or irene thinks that her world is cold, not just because she live underground but also vampires— or her family didnt show much emotion to each other. she live for over centuries, and seen a lot of things. As time goes by, she grew weary of everything around her, turning her a pathetic. so she decided to stepped up and enter solarium to seek happiness and true emotions.

Half a year
Plus seven
Leehi - breathe