❝ P-A-B (PEEK - A - BOO) Roleplay ❞ || Open!Active!Straight!Fbrp! || URGENT: EXO, SUJU, NCT, ALL THE NICE PEOPLE, COME TO US! BAMBAM FOR YUGYEOM!!! BTS WANTS JHOPE 15-20 people online everyday! HOLD UP, UPCOMING EVENT SOON!

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'p - A - B' roleplay

a facebook roleplay

annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun! P - A - B roleplay is a non-au roleplay which is primarily based in facebook. this roleplay is strictly ic in order for us to apply the real sense of roleplaying. in this way, we can truly feel how idols interact with each other through us. you'll know more of it when you step inside the doors. this is inspired by the 2011-2014 era of the roleplay world. this paradise was opened on november 23, 2017. we are now accepting members!


semi literate

General/non au


rules and guidelines


1. be active at least thrice a week. staying in pm and changing your dp is not counted. we need to see actual interactions in timelines and groups. members who are inactive for five days and Newbies who are INACTIVE 48 hours after their arrival will be kicked out immediately.
2. activity checks will be posted from time to time and you must participate in it or else you'll get kicked to andromeda. cliques and selective replies are very discouraged.
3. limit your drama please! most especially about relationships. we don't want the whole roleplay to get affected by an individual's drama. also, if you have problems against the members and admins, approach them in pm. be mature.
4. straight roleplay, /yuri is banned. two weeks dating ban FOR SINGLE SOULS! STRICTLY no dating in private WHILE THE DATING BAN IS STILL EFFECTIVE ON YOU! accepting moving couples as long as you will still interact with others. state in your application if you are a moving couple.
5. one account per head. we have a radar lmao. we'll find out easily if you are using multiple accs.
6. this is a strictly in character rp. we'd appreciate it so much if you include actions in your sentences since most of the rps these days are more on casual talks, it .
7. posts in room only.
8. limit your cussing please. some members are sensitive so let's be considerate. 
9. max/semi hiatus is one month only. inform the admins if you go on hiatus.
10. speak in english. ooc matters in ooc group only or can be enclosed in brackets or braces.
11. no adding of outsiders. keep your list clean.
12. leaving? unfriend everyone and leave the groups. IF YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND BLACKLISTED
13. character changes is limited to two times only with three weeks interval from previous cc. trial cc last for three days and IS ALLOWED once a month.
14. for ulzzangs, we only accept those of korean, japanese, and chinese nationalities. 
15. welcoming members or introducing yourself to the members is a must!


Image may contain: 1 person, stripes and closeup



1. read rule no. 15 again.
2. subscribing is a must, we'll check. upvotes are loved.
3. check the masterlist for available faceclaims. you may also check the wishlist.
4. comment the application below.
5. after an admin has approved your application, you may make/recycle an account within 48 hours and place 'boo' in your alt name section. add all the admins afterwards.

PASSWORD: fave color + pizza



grand opening, ribbon cutting, and welcoming of new members.

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taken ' reserved ' (tcc)
2pm: nichkhyun 
afterschool: nana 
apink:  hayoung
Blackpink: JENNIE jisoo lisa
bts: suga jungkook TAEHYUNG JIMIN jin RM 
dal shabet: serri

DIA: Chaeyeon
exo: baekhyun chanyeol
EXID: hani
Fx: Luna krystal
GIRLS DAY: hyeri
gfriend: sowon yerin yuju eunha
got7: jackson mark yugyeom (youngjae)
gugudan: sejeong
ikon: bobby 
jyj: jaejoong
kard: bm somin
loona: hyunjin Kimlip 
lovelyz: Kei yein sujeong
nine muses: kyungri sojin 
matilda: semmi
monstax: minhyuk hyungwon wonho 
nct: yuta jaehyun johnny
pentagon: hongseok 
pristin: eunwoo kyulkyung
red velvet: irene Seulgi  joy yeri  Wendy 
secret: hyosung
seventeen: wonwoo scoups Joshua  mingyu 
snsd: yuri taeyeon Tiffany 
super junior: eunhyuk siwon donghae
Stray kids: hyunjin   JISUNG minho felix
stellar: [gayoung]
twice: nayeon momo chaeyoung dahyun jihyo jungyeon sana 
wannaone: daniel Seungwoo minhyun jinyoung 
wekimeki: doyeon YOOJUNG
WJSN: eunseo ChengXiao xuanyi luda 
uniq: yibo
soloist: jessica chungha One sunmi Shannon (Sulli)
actor/actress: sungkyung suzy dohwan joohyuk  jiwon sohyun
ulzzangs/others: sora toki somi jungha lim bora  hwamin TOMANSASAKI hanuel sooviin jakang 


irene wishes for sm family, baby ulzzangs and more members.

Doyeonie wants Stray Kids! Especially Felix! Weki Meki,Wanna one! Especially Ong Seongwoo, Park Woojin and Kim Jaehwan! Produce 101 people and IOI!

Sora wants nam joohyuk, sen mitsuji, kim yongha, byeon jeongha, christian yu (rome), gray, jung minhee, song ahri and more members.

Jaejoong wants TVXQ/JYJ, IU, f(x)'s Luna & Victoria, Sonamoo's Newsun, Nine Muses, Mamamoo, Twice, SNSD's Sunny

jakang wants models sangbi, haneul and lily maymac.

yugyeom wants Got7 especially bambam and im jaebum, more seventeen members, jyp fam and monsta x

jihyo's wants twice, got7's jb, day6, exo, wannaone.

yibo wants uniq, super junior, rest of snsd, and shinee members

jackson wants hot, y, cutie girls for his bros, got7 members, and jyp artists.

wonwoo wants dokyeom, wjsn luda, and bona.



siwon & jessica // 10/05/17 // dating
jaehyun & Chaeyoung // 12/02/17 // dating
joshua & chaeyeon // 12/16/17 // married
jackson & irene // 12/16/17 // dating
jaejoong & suzy // 12/23/17 // dating
yuta & seulgi // 01/04/18 // dating
baekhyun & taeyeon // 12/28/17 // married
Geon & yooyoung // 01/03/17 // dating
Jaewon & Jiwon // 12/26/17 // dating


update 11/23/17: Grandopening

180112 @peek - a boo roleplay: fresh from clear-out! lots of faceclaims available c:

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