Baking Soda Volcanoes


Bobby needs to raise his grade in Chemistry. So when he and Junhwe try to work on an extra credit project together, well... time gets away from them. 


Surprise binch. Bet ya thought ya saw the last of me huh. 

So, here I am with another junbob fic! It's a high school au which I haven't done in months, but kurok0 requested it, so I'm testing the waters again. It's very basic... just your average high school au's and whatever. Will be posting chapters every couple of days, so wait up for me. And I hope you enjoy. 

Dedicated to kurok0. 

Okay you wanna know what's really funny is that I only have 20 some odd subscribers on this story but then like my latest chapters have like 60 views on it lmao.

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ZeroKun 0 points #1
Chapter 10: wow! When I saw you were the write I was sure that it would be smoothly amazing! I kinda can't relate with that all cutie Bobby, but stop to thinking about it he seems to be a real shy lad. Also for June, yeah, deff i think he would be like this hahaaha. I loved to read it.. Such a nice story. Hope you a nice 2018!
gaerixxi 1 points #2
This fic is really great! Jiwon is just utterly cute i cant even-

Anyway thanks for writing this fic until the end, hope you have a lot of fun when writing them just like how i feel when i read it! Please keep up your great work, ♡
oreodesu 1 points #3
Chapter 10: "All the kids at the table shook"

I died, I just imagined them all shaking vigorously to what just happened ??
1 points #4
Chapter 9: so funny how bobby is so purely happy, he won't even sleep hah i feel so nice seeing both of them saying all those fluffy things.
i almost died when junhoe was all "do you want be with my body" haha imagine having someone saying that to you! priceless.
1 points #5
Chapter 8: baking soda volcano. everything makes sense now.

i think i could die of happiness after this chpater. i could start screaming 'i love junbob'. god, this was so good.
i feel like hugging junhoe. he's so dumb with words, i mean, didn't he listen to himself??? how would bobby get that phrase in a good way? geez, man. but he's also so cute going on punching a stupid kid for messing with my dongdong <3

thanks :')
jajaiqma 1 points #6
Chapter 8: this is nice! cant wait for the next chapter!!
1 points #7
Chapter 7: omg can't believe bobby is living my romantic life!!!!!!!!!
im sorry bobby my baby you're too good to this world full of pain :(
i'm dying for a next chapter!!! the heart that is aching is mine
KingKoong 1 points #8
Chapter 7: Bobby nooooo :"(((((((
1 points #9
Chapter 6: i almosted fainted cuz of this m tag!! geez man i was really taken aback.
i gotta say i'm still surprised with all this shy-bobby and bossy-junhoe because i got used to fanfics where junhoe would be really shy and stuff. it's nice seeing this other side, especially when it comes to first times.
looking forward to the next chapter (as always)~
Olinsky6 1 points #10
Chapter 6: I really hope Bobby will be a Top in this but i dont feel like its going to happen:
Ps:Thanks god you're here to write some good junbob fanfic I love it soo far♡