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When You Wish Upon A Star


Okay, Jiminy, when you said, "When you wish upon a star it makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you", I believed you! And when you said, "If your heart is in your dream no request is too extreme", I believed you too! But you lied to me! When I wished upon a star, sure my wish came true, but it didn't just come true once because that would be too simple, now wouldn't it? It came true seven times! Talk about a wish becoming extreme! Now I have seven "stars" in my house that claim that all of them love me! But if that weren't enough, I think I'm starting to fall for them, too!

Way to go Jiminy, way to go.


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Igotmy7 #1
Chapter 8: Did you just leave this story? It is been a lot of time since you updated. Every day I check asianfanfics only for this story! Please update this story or just say that you are not going to write anymore!
Igotmy7 #2
Chapter 7: Can you update? *puppy eyes* I read only this one so I am bored!!!!! I need more!!!!!
luhanlove1725 #3
Don'the say she will end up whit Lee Joon!!! DON'T!!!!!!!!!
luhanlove1725 #4
Chapter 8: I hope she will and up whit Kevin or AJ ♡♡☆☆
luhanlove1725 #5
Chapter 8: I love it♡ And i need more ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆
Taec_Lover #6
Chapter 8: I love your story! : D
Update soon pwease *puppy eyes* xD
Locket_Shawol #7
Chapter 8: I can't say for sure who she might end up with right now because she's still trying to handle taking care of the boys lol But I hope she ends up with Hoon!^^ He's my bias and he's super cute in this chapter xp
silentheart #8
Chapter 8: I don't know. To be perfectly blunt, Soohyun seems like a mom, Kevin seems like an obsessed fan boy/love sick puppy, AJ seems like a little kid, and Hoon seems like an over-protective boyfriend. But they all love her at the same time. If I had to choose one, AJ would suit her best, but I like Kevin's personality better. It's adorable~ I think based on your poster, the other three members will fit her personality more though.
Something I was wondering while reading you story was why do all the members love her so much? I understand it was because she wished for them, but do they actually love her for her traits and personality or do they love everything thing about her because they were destined to love her?
I can't wait to find out who comes next~
builtbymachines #9
Chapter 8: This story just fills me up with so much happiness, it's ridiculous! >w<

As for the question, I'm leaning towards AJ because he was the first and makes me laugh the most! XD So yeah.