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You Only My Girl


She was shy, nerd, boyish and never like wearing a skirt. Actually, she has bad temper.

He was popular, handsome and all girl want him badly. Actually, he is annoying man.


What happen when they meet each other???



Shim Changmin as a girl

18 years old

shy, nerd, boyish, bad temper

156 cm

45 kg

she know Jaejoong since she kid but they never spoke each other.


Kim Jaejoong

19 years old

handsome, popular, leader of DBSK in Shinwa High School, kingka school, tall

180 cm

65 kg

he know Changmin since kid too.



Jung Yunho

Kim Junsu

Park Yoochun

Cho Kyuhyun

Choi Minho

Kwon Yuri

Jessica Jung

Im Yoona


Will update soon.

My english was broken for bit.

Sorry about my grammar.


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SilverChocolatte #1
nightStar #2
congrats :)
JaejoongxxYunho #3
congratulations on the feature!
kittyjaejae #5
Haha OMG such an interesting idea, putting Changmin as a girl XD Hmm Jaemin, huh? I might be tempted to read this :P Anyway, congratulation to you fellow Cassie!!
typewriter98 #6
congrats c:
infinityjong #7
Congrats! :D
lovelyme23 #8
babysooxing #9
Okay. So.
Changmin's a girl?!