Destined to Love You

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At first I thought that the universe played some bad joke on me, maybe punishing me for something I did in my past life, but what if this is not a punishment; what if fate simply draws every ace up its sleeve to bring us together? What if we're each other's destiny?

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Crispy48 #1
Chapter 4: Dear author-nim, i had so much fun reading this chapter, I really could feel my way into the different situations and events, it was so funny and well-written. I really enjoyed it and laughed nonstop :D Great job!
Chapter 7: min yoongi and min yoonji bickered was the best thing that I ever seen. That was good to see that side of yoongi still in yoonji.
Chapter 6: that was very cute!!><
Chapter 5: why jimin didn't ask her out immediately???
Chapter 4: This story is really cute!!!!! ><
Crispy48 #6
Chapter 3: By the way, nice conversation at the end, It was fun to read.
Crispy48 #7
Chapter 3: Hi Author, the 3rd chapter you wrote I did gobble with just one bite. So please feed me furthermore, I want more :D ... I'm waiting impatiently D':
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Sofy4C #9
Chapter 2: Still loving it :3
Sofy4C #10
Chapter 1: So much fun too read :3 Looking forward to the second chapter!