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"Sehun!" Aera yelled but the said guy didn't turn his head to look at her instead he focused his gaze at another.

Aera gave out an evil smirk. 'Is that how you like it? Then I'll start this game with my own set of rules.' She muttered and left the crowd.

As Aera made her way through the crowd who was already splitting to let her through she heard them whisper.

"So, the power couple is going to break up?" 

"Wow, this is news I must say."

Aera gave them her angry glares. Like they said they were a power couple, she and Sehun. First, it started off like that. They dated each other for their own benefits. They were the school's scariest students.

And now, even if Sehun was going to let go, she wasn't. She had already fallen into his pit and now she was going to make sure he does as well.

"You maybe a possessive person Sehun and I'll show you my possessiveness." She muttered before disappearing within the crowds.


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1 points #1
Chapter 11: I wonder whether sehun will feel jealous or not. Hahaha xD
187 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 11: Now Aera and Myungsoo are couple . Aera hate sehun more. Ughhh miyeon is stupid if she follow what her mom order. Guess aera will have one more enemy which is miyeon
1 points #3
Chapter 10: Sehun is so selfish. He wants Aera for himself but at the same time he wants Junghye. He did a dirty things by hurting Aera's friends because he wants to hurt her more. Didn't he knows, he did hurt Aera! Sehun is a jerk! I think myungsoo deserves Aera more than him but sehun is the main character here. I wish, he realizes his feeling to Aera quickly.
15 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 10: awww myungsoo... sehun... stop being a brat... seriously...
187 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 10: She finally let out everything out . Aera just need someone to talk with . she only had suzy , Krystal and jiyeon. I guess myungsoo will be her best friend too .. I'm really disappointed with sehun..
187 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 9: Myungsoo were once like aera that's why he's stopping aera from being a monster . and seem like sehun going to take revenge on aera oh gosh i hope nothing bad will happen to her. Oh sehun is stupid didn't know that aera like him. Oh sehun you are a jerk. I love Aera friendship with Suzy Krystal and Jiyeon.
15 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 8: poor aera.... its difficult when u have to be tough....
187 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 8: Her father and Miyeon just pretending they just want some share that's why they trying to be good with Aera. No wonder because aera got all the shares
15 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 7: ooooo.... why is sehun being that way...
187 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 7: Woah something big going to happened . i feel bad for junghye but what to do she messed up with the wrong people . i wonder who recorded it ? Chanyeol and Chen is so funny they are more noisy than the girls.