Four-Legged Race


The maknae line stretched languidly on the dance studio floor. They were going to have an extra practice, just the three of them because they wanted to polish their moves. No one was really sure where Taehyung found the tape exactly. Or how he managed to tape his leg to Jungkook’s, and Jungkook’s other leg to Jimin’s.Or how they ended up stumbling around together in an awkward four-legged race against their mirror-selves. They were just having fun. And practicing their leg-to-leg coordination. In fact, they were doing quite well until Jungkook tripped and sprawled on the ground, stomach pressed against the cold, hardwood floor, bringing his hyungs down with him. 

‘Ah, hyung that hurts!’ Jungkook yelled in pain as Jimin pulled his right leg out a little, trying to unstick himself from Jungkook. The tape remained stuck in place and did not budge. 
‘! Stop!’ Jungkook yelled again as Taehyung mimicked Jimin’s action but with Jungkook’s left leg. Jimin frowned down at Jungkook and pulled his leg out even further causing Jungkook to groan in pain from the splits position he was being forced into.
‘Good boys don’t swear,’ Jimin states firmly. Jungkook’s thoughts stalled.
What… did… he just say?


One shot coming soon! Probably today or tomorrow 


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