Ha Jin didn't ever suspect that she would land a job at one of the most prestigious companies in Korea, and she certainly didn't think she would fall so deeply for the troubled CEO. The things she never fathomed come towards her like the wind, whether by choice or fate. With tensions, dark secrets, and obstacles in the way, would her love for Wang So alone be enough to withstand the hardships? Or will they succumb to the expected realities of the cruel business scene intermingled with family issues?


*does the walk of shame*

I swear, I'm not dead guys.

It's been two months since my last update, and this story has been postponed for a long while. I'm sure many of you can relate with the struggles of schooling, (or maybe not, if you're done with school) and I'm deeply sorry that this is up a lot later than it should be. This may sound like an excuse, but it definitely is not, and never will be. I love writing dearly, and it killed me when I didn't have time to write.

I hope the double update today with this story, as well as Scintilla, will make up for it.

For any new readers, this is a spinoff of the Sky Full of Stars oneshot from Scintilla. If you're thoroughly confused or haven't read it, you should check it out (only if you want to because this isn't shameless self-promo). Both of these stories are not sequels to Moon Lovers. They're more of random AUs.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my stories, and I hope you enjoy <3

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