with no more words left to spare


A collection of one-shots based off different ships and different songs, which may or may not be based in the same universes.

Song sets are one hundred word one-shots.


  1. 'Congratulations' - Day6 | MiNayeon 
  2. ' Letting Go ' - Day6 | JeongMi
  3.  ' What Can I Do?' - Day6 | JeongMo
  4.  '...Not enough to express my feelings." - MiNayeon 
  5. 'I Loved You - Day6 | Satzu/Saida
  6. 'Melting - TWICE | MiNayeon
  7. 'Oh honey' - DubChaeng
  8. 'I'm Serious' - Day6 | DaTzu
  9. 'I Smile - Day6 | JeongMi (no place for lost souls verse)
  10. 'I Wait' - Day6 | SaMo
  11. 'You Were Beautiful' - Day6 | Misana (npfls verse)
This is from the same verse as one story I've been mulling over for a while. I'm trying to figure out the details completely before I put anything solid out, but I have posted this snippet and several on Twitter about this verse. Hopefully I can work it to completion.

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17 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 10: MiNayeon <3
dannykkap 0 points #2
Chapter 5: I await to a Saida pure chapter, suppose it'll be wonderful as the other chapters!
dannykkap 0 points #3
Chapter 5: awww really lol
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Chapter 4: I don't know if it's because I'm a minayeon shipper and I'm being biased but this chapter is the best update! hahaha
I'm too soft for them.
Chapter 7: Nawww dubchaeng were adorable, they’re so soft <3 Their recent vlive was like it was straight out of those typical couple scenes XD thank you for writing!
Chapter 6: Bless my Minayeon heart
Chapter 4: Bless my minayeon feeling, thanks author nim
Chapter 6: the only flaw of this stories is that they got me wishing for more lol
xyz_cuzuknow #9
Chapter 6: Reminds me of every picture Mina was caught looking at Nayeon.
xyz_cuzuknow #10
Chapter 5: Poor bby Tzu, though I'm more of a saida than satzu