Unexpected Returns

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This is a story of what happens when a woman who has too little time for frivolous dating meets someone who is intent on finding the right person for her. AU.


This will not be a fic that's completed in a short time, if you come along for the ride, thank you!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

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Chapter 2: omg i'm really excited !!!
Chapter 2: interesting continue the great work!
Chapter 2: you’re a great writer! masterpiece is an understatement for this story,thnks pls update asap!
passerbyz #4
Chapter 2: what an exciting start. looking forward to more :)
Lyndsefine #5
Chapter 2: Yes. This is great! The best written premise I've seen all day
moonsuncouple123 #6
Chapter 1: sounds interesting..update fast please....
Bohidk24 #7
Chapter 1: Nice first chapter ^^
Sound like a great story, can't wait for more updates
baesato #8
Chapter 1: oh i can already tell this will be a great story!!

love the premise! byul and yong seem to have really strong personalities and opinions that somehow clash a little but work great together too... i wonder how that dinner will go.???

and your writing is great... i honestly can't wait to read more :)
Mskarter #9
Chapter 1: Good writing. good structure and word flow. Not to mention, youve made your moonbyul to be a great main character to root for. Yong is currebtly 1D and mysterious, and thats expected from the first chapter. I love it.

You sold the premise well, so im reaaallly looking forward to the next chapter. No pressure, though. Im good at waiting as long as the author doesnt declare permanent hiatus.
Chapter 1: Interesting!!