Right for Me

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My mom is dead.

My grandmother beats me.

And I'm in love with two guys that I really shouldn't be...

This is my life.


I clutched my side as I got to my feet once more. I walked over to the full length mirror that was in the attic/room I was staying in. I lifted my shirt to see the bruises littering my skin.


From my stomach, to my hips, to every inch of my back. It looked like I was in some type of accident.

Some bruises were from the first few days I lived here, which were already turning to a greenish yellow tone, others were a deep blue or purple.

The color of some of the bruises matched the rose color of my hair.

I forgot what my body looked like without all these bruises. Was my skin the same porcelain-white as the rest of my body? Do I have acne scars anywhere on my torso?

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Chapter 3: Ack- this chapter hurt..she doesn’t deserve to be beaten..but her meeting the boys made me happy! Keep up the good work