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Hi Again Guys! 12/25/17 i will be gone in 10 days because i want to have some vacation, i'm really really lonely right now it's christmas but i'm alone. So i decided so have some fun atleast ,hope you guys understand me :')

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Are you still here?
Just making sure... Don't mind me...
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Chapter 8: And auth!!
I have a request too... Yoonyultae

Can you make it be a triangle love?
Like, tae is a fan and yoonyul is an idol
Yoonyul fall in love when they saw tae in one of their fansign.
And they always looking forward another fansign so they can meet tae.

I don't care if it'll be angsty or fluffy, i don't care either if it'll be yoontae or yultae in the end...

Can you make it? Pleaseee
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Chapter 8: "Don't be afraid to loved someone again until you found your real happiness."

I love that line...

Anyway, thanks for coming back auth
I have a request..... I'm requesting for yultae! pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

Love! ;)
Chapter 7: Even tho I hate angst, but I do appreciate your work author-ssi. Thank you for writing yoontae, hopefully they will end up happy ever after in the future :-)
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Chapter 7: Owh thank u for the yoontae oneshoot. Even tho its the angst one. I love it
Can we have a hyotae story please.
Paring: hyotae
Setting: in school.
Story line: so one as a spoiled brat (prefered hyoyeon) and one with a good/ respected family background. How both of them bonded over working on a school project together ( where they perform like signing and dancing togethe for some special event) maybe add something during the practice session. I'll give you that much and you can play with it get our own creativity involved. And make it big . Hope I'll see this on your sorry soon . Thankyou ?
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Chapter 6: Oh my, thank you so much for YoonSic! That made me miss them even more, huhu. Thank you for this!
Chapter 5: Yoonsic please.
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Chapter 5: TAENY!!....i want to know what kind of story will you write for does't matter sad ending or happy ending!!!!i wait for it...fighting author-ssi :) :)