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Jessica is one hella lucky girl to be noticed by her crush.


A/N: I'm gonna apply members-access-only privacy option for this because of the vulgar words. Not a big thing. Pyooooong! XD

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sinrinjensooyulsic08 117 streak #1
Chapter 1: This is soooo cute!
Chapter 1: This is sweet.. ?
kryssiee #3
Chapter 1: Aww jessii~ cutee ^^
SwoonedbyJess #5
Chapter 1: Wow Tae Yeon on the cool side. <3
han_inft #6
Chapter 1: Ooohhh mmmyyy gooodddd, they are soooooo cuuutteee >_<
mzlyod #7
Chapter 1: Its diff!!!
aiiyth #8
Chapter 1: funny xD please more lol
Thank you^^
Bumella #9
Chapter 1: Aigoo we get a change to see shy sica..n cool tae