Under Her Spell

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How will the enchanted hearts be brewed with a dash of lovestruck penguin spiced by a dense tiger cub?


somedummyaccount (NOUN)

  1.  a reader who decided to write

Under Her Spell (NOUN)

  1. college AU fan fiction by somedummyaccount
  2. slow burn
  3. uncategorised
    • may contain the following:
      • fluff
      • sniffing
      • shoulders
      • ears

fan fiction (NOUN)

  1. shortened as fanfic
  2. fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from a particular reference


    • The following characters' behaviours are solely just a pigment of the author's imagination. They hold no truth value to the actual real people.
    • occasional F word
    • hints of M rate
    • contents are ephemeral
    • excessive use of verbs in past tense
Cleared the note in c6.

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0 points #1
Chapter 16: the flow of the story in this chapter is so relax author-nim ur a very good writer keep it up
Taehyun92 0 points #2
Chapter 16: Ohhh great chapter author-nim! I'm really loving this fanfic so much! It gives me life.
1 points #3
Chapter 16: I really thought chaeng would give mina that tiger sticker dahyun bought her (since you know chaeng is broke af) when she said exchanging animals. Then dahyun will be like, " hey I gave that to chaeng, blah blah blah.. then that's how everything will be revealed and questions will be answered about who's mina's crush and who's chaeyoung's art partner.... Anyways... that broke date is so funny. Does anyone really do that? Does anyone really willing to be a third wheel? But the questions is... is it a bunny or a racoon? Update soon?
0 points #4
Chapter 16: 2yeon hello? Hoping Chaeng remembers what she did on her drunken night hahah this next chapter feels like it'll be a double shot of catnip (◐∇◐*)
My MiChaeng heart is ready~
gottwicepink 0 points #5
Chapter 16: Ooh jeongyeon has a girlfriend now hahahha is it momo
Chapter 15: Introverted penguin and an oblivious cub. Its somewhat, very frustrating combination. Mina be singing tzuyu's part in signal.
gottwicepink #7
Chapter 15: Is chaeyoung a literal boulder when it comes to sensjng feelings or is she catching up even just a little haha I hope they end up together hm
renegadetokki #8
Chapter 15: Oh my god Tzuyu plz... Control your sav
dlnswghek #9
Chapter 15: This chapter is so good. Love your way of writing ^^
Chapter 15: Savage as always. Hahahahaha. But the last two lines tho.