Only one.. Number one..

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"I will take care of her, Eunjung ah.. From now on, she's my daughter.. Don't worry.. I'll never let her come near you.."

"I'm sorry, unnie.."

Eunjung kiss the little one forehead as she pass the baby to Soyeon.

Soyeon wrap the little one on her chest as she can feel the younger breath. Soyeon smile sadly.

"You need to be strong, dear.."


"For goodness sake! She's sick, Eunjung ah!! Don't you want to meet her? She need you!"

Eunjung look down.

"I'm sorry, unnie.. I'm sorry.. I can't.."

"You are selfish Hahm Eunjung! You are so selfish! Listen here.. This is your last chance.. If you don't come with me this time.. Never dream to meet her again!"

With that, Soyeon storm outside and leave Eunjung that just crying alone.

"Can I..hold her nurse?"

The nurse smile as she carefully put the little girl on Soyeon lap. Soyeon trace her finger on the little girl face before she kiss the younger forehead. The sight of tubes and wires on the younger body make her heart ache.

"I'm sorry, Younggi ah.. Omma mianhe.."

Someone hold her shoulder as Soyeon sob silently.

"She is waiting for you, Soyeon chan.. See.. She didn't even crying now that you already hold her.."


"Don't cry, Soyeon chan.. Aya will know it.. You need to be strong for her.."

The person that she call 'okaasan' wipe her tears and smile. Soyeon nod as she lean closer to the little girl and whisper.

"Younggi ah.. Omma is here.. I will never leave you again.. Please be strong my dear.."

Soyeon smile when the little girl grab her hand tightly before she kiss the younger cheeks.

'I'll do anything for you..'



"I'm sorry.. I can't continue the contract.."

Soyeon get out of the MBK Ent office as she just walk past Eunjung.


Soyeon stop her step as she look toward Eunjung coldly.

"What do you want?"

"Did you really end your contract?"

"Why do you care?"

"Unnie.. How.. How is she?"

Soyeon smirk.

"She? Who? Oh.. You mean my daughter? Don't worry.. I take a good care of her.. Besides, she's MY daughter.."

Soyeon emphasize the word MY as she walk away.



You're my only one..

Whatever they said, you're the only one for me..


Don't cry..

Your tears are too precious to be waste..

Don't worry, Omma..

I love you..

And, only you..

I'm sorry that this fanfic being dragged..
What should I do?
Sad ending or happy one?
Idea.. Please come to me..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Nangnang #1
Chapter 22: hope you will made its happy ending hehe
Younggi be great like her 2 mom ^^
MeowieJung #2
Chapter 22: Happy ending, my heartu is too soft and weak for a sad ending
Nangnang #3
Chapter 21: This chap really excited !!!><
hope soyeon can get well
I know her feeling my mom got cancer too its really hurt
Nangnang #4
Chapter 20: omg only 3 month?γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 
Nangnang #5
Chapter 19: wow soyeon omma and younggi be good again right?
young seem like she will past audition and your mom will agree with you :)
Nangnang #6
Chapter 18: hope both talk soon -3- ah nut i feels hurt with soyeon sick hope she get well soon
Nangnang #7
Chapter 17: Wah this time in japan will made soyeon omma and younggi reconcile
Nangnang #8
Chapter 16: wow for this chap my heart bloom^^
but im sad with soyeon got sick only tacyeon know right?
Nangnang #9
Chapter 15: I wanna cry γ… γ… γ… γ… γ…  so touch with both feels
Nangnang #10
Chapter 14: omg younggi ah someone help her please
hope soyeon will tell the truth to younggi and all member too