Let's hook up?


So basically I am looking for someone to . Been and needy these past few days and I find it quite a hard time to RP because of my sched so just to be safe, I have no choice but to make an ad like this. 

This is nothing really important. Hit me up if you're needy and as well..  we could help each other for just a night. Yes, a night. Call it, one night stand or PWP. No feelings, let's just ing . But if we formed some sparks then I'm pretty fine about trying something deeper?

Things you might wanna know:

I'm switch. Can be a sub and dom but I'm mostly a sub. I can do straight and (switch). 

Faceclaims doesn't matter to me, man. But my  usual faceclaim is Mark from Got7. Well, it's not limited to him since like I said it doesn't matter to me. But yeah, if you're going to request for a certain fc then I'm afraid I won't be able to portrait that character's personality. Still, your choice. Also, your faceclaim doesn't matter.

Kinks should be discussed before we start. Buuuuut I definitely want someone to me. Also! Teasing and dirty talking are a  big ing yes.

First POV please... I would like it to feel like we're just ting so casual talks are preferred. No need to be too literate, I just wanna man.


Comment or DM, if interested!

Your faceclaim:

Sub or switch?:

If you prefer any fc for me: 

KKT, IG, TWITTER ID. I can use line but it keeps on crashing so-: 




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Is this still open?
victaerious #2
you can go with any fc you like
find me on twitter @naeunsfw
hello? i was wondering if you were interested? if so-
park chanyeol
it can be anyone that you're comfortable with, honestly!
and you can find me on twitter as @bourgeoisiepcy
I’m interested if you’re still looking for someone.