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Adagio, a song sang by a stranger leaving Hyomin weeping over the sadness of it. As that gentle hand wipe her tears in front of the crowd, she was confused if she had fallen for her but before that mysterious stranger ever come into her life, there are already someone else in it, someone who gave equally confusing feelings.


Adagio. A song.

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Chapter 3: here just give me shiver too..><
Well...who is your past life partner Minnie and will you end up with her again?...
Thanks for update author ssi...Fighting ^^
ShainaloveTara 1 points #2
Chapter 3: Woah Past and present it could be eunjung is her past and jiyeon is her present. But I hope it would be minyeon :-).
tglswkp 1 points #3
Chapter 2: thanks for updating another chapter and looking forward for more of it :)

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Chapter 2: Thanks for update author ssi and Happy birthday to you. :)
Thanks that Jiyeon is fine and maybe they will confess hehehe. And well what do you do about EJ Hyominnie ^^
Hahmcha 1 points #5
Happy birthday author-nim!!!hope you'll have a wonderful day and may all your wishes& dreams come true.. wishing also you'll get lots of ideas to write more story in future. :)

P/s sorry for being a silent reader
Ramjung 1 points #6
Chapter 1: Interesting.. update soon plz ^^
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Chapter 1: Oooh so mysterious and I like it author ssi.
Neither of them afraid to cross the line...This feeling of lonely and want someone just to be's cool.