Adagio, a song sang by a stranger leaving Hyomin weeping over the sadness of it. As that gentle hand wipe her tears in front of the crowd, she was confused if she had fallen for her but before that mysterious stranger ever come into her life, there are already someone else in it, someone who gave equally confusing feelings.

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Eunmin~ ^.^
frenzymenzy 1 points #2
Chapter 11: Eyyyy thanks for this cute,amazing,sweet Eunmin story!!! :D It's really awesome and Boram's appearance is really mysterious but is cool at the same time :) Looking forward to more of your Eunmin stories in the future
jiyeonnnhyomin2__ 1 points #3
Chapter 11: i like the ending and the song is nice, it's really sad~
ShainaloveTara 1 points #4
Chapter 11: Job well done authornim what a good story. *Clap clap* See you on your next story please minyeon or eunyeon haha.
J_T-ara_M 1 points #5
Chapter 11: Happy ending!!
Thank you for a wonderfull fanfic!! Please make more T-ara fanfics ~
J_T-ara_M 1 points #6
Chapter 10: I'm also jung chaeyeon fan T T
Hyomin get well soon
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Chapter 10: I almost fall off my chair when Chaeyeon's name appeared...This is over my good author ssi. Hope Hyomin will be okay and Jiyeon will feel guilty and let Eunjung be with her.....Oh..poor my Minyeon heart (I don't see the poll so I assume that close ><)
Thanks for update author ssi...Fighting
ShainaloveTara 1 points #8
Chapter 10: Wow authornim. Your really amazing. Jiyeon history haha I'm really amazed on how you connect her car accident and tattoo. Poor jiyeon she might stay away from hyomin because of guilt.
J_T-ara_M #9
Chapter 9: I know the story will be good if it's eunmin.. but how about jiyeon?
ShainaloveTara 1 points #10
Chapter 9: I feel like hyomin will choose eunjung. jiyeon might end up with qri? maybe jiyeon is the one whose boram talking about. jiyeon is hyomin past because hyomin like her but when hyomin mets eunjung it's suddenly change. because she fell in love with eunjung. I'm just guessing hehe.