Jeon Jungkook has spent the last ninety-nine years trapped inside his own body wondering if he was truly fated to live out the rest of his days alone. But then he meets Kim Taehyung who quite literally makes him human again and all he knows is that he was fated to love him forever. But love doesn't make you untouchable and forever can be over in a minute. And Jungkook knows that better than anyone...

So who has someone to kiss? I guess none of you if you're reading fanfics right now lol ^^ I can relate

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kulitlang08 162 streak #1
Chapter 29: okay...that reaction was expected of tae...but him not wanting to speak with kookie...that was unexpected...

kookie just go to your room...and well try to avoid tae in the meantime...or maybe you could go somewhere away from the house and town...i'm pretty sure you have other place that you could've stayed...away from everything and away from a safehouse or that only you know about...stay there for say two, three week max...then go back to your house...i think a week is a long time already...i mean give your mate time and space...and a week is a very long period of time specially for just think and let tae think as well...

but again be careful guys...danger is still just around the corner...

have fun in your trip author-nim... :)
hevabangtan #2
Chapter 29: Oh your back alive.
I am so curious how Tae always manages a steady heartm i wanna know his nature.
I hope Jimin wont shut himself too much

Have fun at thr cruise
Kookies_x_Tae #3
Chapter 29: Good luck <3 that ending was amazing, angry Tae Tae, poor bunny keep Kookie! And I love how Yoongi tried to explain to Tae. Ahh I love your story so much, a week until I can read more, or longer! Ahh, but it will be worth it. But again, enjoy your vacation, I love cruises so much. What area are you going to? Thanking you for writing such amazing chapter <3 See you in a week or two ~
12 streak #4
Chapter 29: Have a wonderful time author nim and enjoy your cruise:))
I'm so excited for the next updates hshshf I love angst!!
Kookies_x_Tae #5
Chapter 29: Ooh hope you enjoy your cruise! Don’t worry about uploading, we will wait until you come back <3 I haven’t read this chapter yet, because I just finished preforming for my school. Ahh I sang BTS spring day in English, piano version, while a girl from a grade higher danced in the background. Ahh so much pressure and so scary. Anyways, thank you for posting this chapter, I will read it soon when I get out of school <3 <3 love uu ~
Sakiruka #6
Chapter 28: I love this story so much <3
Kookies_x_Tae #7
Chapter 28: Wait your only 17!? That means before you were 16 holy crap! Sorry sorry XD it’s just that your writing style is so mature and you seem so... experienced In writing! You already seem like a professional writer, is it your dream to become a writer/author when you are older as your job? Because you definitely have a good shot at writing lots of good books (sorry my grammar is lacking, I hope you get what I tried to say XD) <3 hope your laptop gets fixed soon <3 fighting !
Kookies_x_Tae #8
Chapter 28: Is this story going to have more than 40 chapters? (I hope so) XD
CreAm_14 #9
Chapter 28: Omg Happy Birthday afterwards! I'm so amazed you're only 17 and yet you're such a good author already, I'm jealous T.T anyway, I see you listened to the readers about Yoongi having to beg... I must admit, I wanted them to reunite as soon as possible but I actually like sassy Jimin... Also I guess it's better for their relationship in the long run this way so I'm glad you did it, still I hope they will make up soon :3
kulitlang08 162 streak #10
Chapter 28: first of...happy birthday!!!!

good job jimin!!! that was close...i thought you are going to give in to yoongi's touches and kisses!!! let him suffer a least now he knows that you aren't the same jimin anymore...and that he needs to work on his way to getting you back...just please stop hurting yourself...i think are becoming were able to stop yourself from cutting i hope you really stop...there's a lot of people who loves you and accepts you as what you are and who you are...the world doesn't revolve around yoongi...and yoongi should realize that as well...

i know it's hard to live in one roof with someone who broke your heart and soul...but you have to be brave and go through with it...

taekook are having dates everyday...hehehe... :)

namjin still domestic...hoseok is testing waters i think... :)

be careful guys...danger is still just around the corner...i mean when you go out of the house...since the house is protected by a be really careful...

looking forward for the next update...