Their Goddess

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A goddess cannot be born.

One can only become a goddess if the Ancients accept her as a bride.



In the land of Exo, there are twelve gods who are worshipped and loved by the people. These gods have yet to find their bride and as time went by, they grew more and more upset. Numerous brides have already been offered to appease the gods, but none were deemed worthy until a certain servant girl was offered.


Will she be the one they’re looking for?

Will she have what it takes to be their goddess?





The Chosen Bride
Choi Eunji



The Gods
Chanyeol | Yixing | Luhan | Kyungsoo | Sehun | Yifan | Jongin | Joonmyun | Jongdae | Minseok | Baekhyun | Tao


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¡Yey! Supernatural + Exo = Perfection ♥
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ahhh my fave genre of aff!!
I'm interested already.
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Chapter 2: Yixing ????
iceberg_99 0 points #4
Chapter 3: 1 bride for all of them ......geez that's damn insane
How are they going to work this on without getting in conflicts...also lots of work for eunji
Waiting for the update
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Chapter 3: I'm hoping this story won't turn out to be some sort of cliché...
Actually, I expected Eunji to have a difficult time on adjusting with the fact that she'd been choosen as the bride and attempt to run away or lock herself up because she doesn't seems to like the idea of being a goddess from the very beginning anyways. But well, the confession she just made here in this chapter is 180° far from her first impression.
Keep working, I hope it can get a better story line
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Chapter 3: omgggg it's been so long since I've encountered a good ot12 exo fic!!! i'm loving it already!
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Chapter 3: Oh my god..can't wait to
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I love the poster!!!! So beautiful ^_^
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Chapter 3: Found this story and I already Love, Love Loveeeeeee itttttt <3 Excited for what's to come in the upcoming chapters :)
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Chapter 3: I just found this story and guess what....It already on my Fav list! I really love Eunji character she so cutee!! I hope TTS plan would be ruin n the boys will protect Eunji from them! Your story is JJANG!! ^_^