happiest day forever plus random quotes

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Hey all today is the day we all waited the most! So SSC readers here is a poem dedicated to our SSC ! Let's celebrate this moment together. Our SSC rocks! We love you! 

The happiest day


This book also contains lots of poems, quotes and thoughts and all apart from our songsongcouple. 

Please read, vote and comment. 

I hope you enjoy reading this book. 

Keep smiling 

Note: the graphics of this story are done by my friend Abundant music....all thanks to her from bottom of my heart and credit too. She is amazing truly. Please visit her shop for graphics or wall her up. She will be more than happy to help you.
New quote is up. Happy reading.

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Chapter 31: Oh !!! I will miss the daily quotes really !!! This ending quote is awesome!!!
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Chapter 31: I will miss this grt thoughts!take care!
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The poster is just wow....I can't even described in words.....great job....
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Chapter 31: I had a good tine with this book. Thanks, authornim..
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Chapter 31: Thank you for this amazing book dear.. :)
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Chapter 30: very nice
39 streak #7
Chapter 30: Nice one bff...:)
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Chapter 30: Oh yeah !!! So true !!! Be a human first !!!
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Chapter 30: lets be a human by showing humanity!
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Chapter 30: YOLO. We should enjoy our life before we regret it.