Someone Special

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Unexpectedly,a girl from Beijing has made the life of 26 boys become better.Such a big numbers.GOT7 who is very famous because of their cute concept,become a manly boys except for BamBam since he is naturally cute.EXO who is a bully,become a kind,sweet and a caring group.BTS is just like GOT7 since their personality is about the same.Jungkook,Tae Hyung and Jimin are no longer getting bullied thanks to the girl.There are no fight against these group since the girl come to their life.Actually what happen??





Shing Xi / Zi Er 

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BamBam (GOT7)



Oh Yeon Soo (OC)

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Jin Young (GOT7)

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Taehyung / V (BTS)

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Luhan (Ex EXO)

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Kris Wu (Ex EXO)

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Kai (EXO)

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EXO (Including Luhan,Kris and Tao)

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Hello you all.I finally finished edit the whole chapter.I'm sorry for making things complicated though.I hope you can stay loyal and read this fic.Comments are very helpful.I appreciate that.

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interesting story!
_foreveralone_ #3
oh- are you done editing? :3 cause i see chapter 9- and no need to say sorry cuz you're doing good!
chichitae #4
This should be good :)
sushibops #5
Looking forward to reading this :)
_foreveralone_ #6
Chapter 7: Can't wait for the next!!!! Update soon plz!!
060306 #7
Hello, I love your story!