I'll fight for you


For a person that had a calm and stable lifestyle, Yoo Jeongyeon sees his life turning upside down when he is accused for a crime he didn’t remember committing. Besides the obvious problem of not knowing why that actually happened or even how it happened, his mind flips even more when he discovers that the crime was committed because of a girl with special magic abilities that was in terrible danger. Jeongyeon encounters himself trapped in an unexpected journey along with two magical girls to find out how the magic society actually works and why he was involved in all of this.




For some reason magic is real and is starting to cause some troubles.

A/N: First, english is not my first language hehe. Second, I started writing this bc I was bored so I don't really know what is all of this but, once I started, it just got stuck in mind so I had to write it! Just bear with me :) and hopefully I'll be able to write something that makes sense ( most likely not and i'm really nervous about this) :)

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Jayt182 0 points #1
Chapter 15: Wow i had to read this immediately when i discovered it. Unfortunately, i finished it in a few hours, however, i am so looking forward to where this is going! :) its so good.
138 streak #2
Chapter 15: Why they want Jeongyeon? OMG did they want to kill him too? Ahh can't wait for next chapter
Chapter 15: This is good! Really good! Its just sad less people are reading this :( still i'll always support you and keep up the great work ^^
Chapter 15: Looks like jeongyeon character is becoming interesting. Wonder what the bad guy want with him. Thank you for the update. Hope you have a great day author:)
Heartshaker #5
Chapter 14: Omg Nayeon!! She’s crazy. And Sana why she’s keep having nosebleed and fainting? Is she’s gonna have a cancer? Lol just kidding. Thanks for the update authornim and thanks for the cliffhanger, again!
138 streak #6
Chapter 14: OMG
Chapter 14: Good chapter. Didnt know nayeon is obsess with jeongyeon. Good job. Thanks for updating:)
Chapter 13: It's definitely hell! I thought he was stuck in some kind of time loop, but it seems like he was under a spell. At least he's fine for now, and Sana will see Mina again soon. Thx for the update!
138 streak #9
Chapter 13: Woah what is happening?Damn
WhateverTwice #10
Chapter 13: At least he’s alright. But I’m wondering if what he’s imagining is all an illusion as he could be under a spell or is he really alive but had a forgetting spell put onto him?