The Lion and his Bird


He is a lion, and she is a bird. Quite an unconventional choice in prey, but Kai has never deemed himself the type to follow rules. 


“Open your eyes,” he whispers, and Hara squeezes them shut more than she already has, her breathing turning ragged when he gently rubs his thumb against her cheek. “I know for a fact that you’re neither deaf nor blind.”

A low chuckle emits from his throat, and Hara feels it vibrate through her because of how close he is, the heavy scent of his expensive cologne sending her mind spinning.

 She can feel his breath fanning her face when he leans in impossibly close, one hand cupping her cheek the other tilting her chin up, and she can hear the smirk in his voice when he speaks again. 

“Open your eyes, birdie. The lion wants to play.”

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ikran12 #1
Chapter 33: Hhhhhhhh Iam dead sehun though I can’t stoppp?????
Riris16 #2
Chapter 32: Wuaaaaaaaaaaaah a kiss and a dinner later *squealing*
Chapter 32: I just squealed so hard
ikran12 #4
Chapter 32: Akdfjfodkfkcja a dinner date with kai
bigbangexo12 #5
Chapter 32: The ending was amazing i mean i seriously can't believe it. Pls update soon. can't wait
Sarahindago #6
Chapter 32: that...was intense...I was actually nervous. I CANT BELIEVE THEY KISSED WHEN THEY'RE ON THE BRINK OF DEATH. BUT THATS CUTE YAY
Chapter 32: Omg smooth jongin smooth xD
Chapter 31: slams my face into a wall
why would she foRGET HER PHONE
ikran12 #9
Chapter 30: Boyyyy Donghae just ignored her throughout the date and what she is about to do is crazy I would kai is good not bad when she is telling him that and that nobody dies
Sarahindago #10
Chapter 30: at this point I dont know who I want to ship her with. suddenly Chanyeol becomes so attractive. CANT WAIT FOR HER TO RESCUE KAI AFSJSJSMDGAK