One-shot collection: Gfriend


Collection of Gfriend one-shots. Every chapter is a new story.


I'm just a newbie writer and it's my first time writing one-shots, go easy on me folks! Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the story~

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PS: The fanart on the cover is not mine, I just grabbed it from google :)

100 subscribers, thank you~~

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Chapter 19: This chapter is enjoyable, although it is a little confusing XD
Chapter 19: My my... Also happy new year author nim c:
Chapter 18: Wow is her a dog?
1 points #4
Chapter 18: Love this wonrin update :) will wait for more wonrin fics
Chapter 18: Tch.. bad sowon smh
And serve your right too, Yerin
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nice (‘∀’●)♡
k-poplover4ever 1 points #7
Chapter 17: Will there be a part 2?
mie0623 1 points #8
Chapter 17: Say yes sowon, she's the best for you better then that guy
spangbang12 1 points #9
Chapter 17: Part 2 ^^
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Chapter 17: I love you authornim you keep writing WonHa stories ヽ(^‿^)ノ WonHa wonha wonha.. Thank you very muchie authornim