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001. Subscribing is a must. Upvotes are optional but appreciated.  002. One account per soul. 003. Be active! after two days of inactivity, will be an immediate kick out. 004. Must reach 50 tweets upon 24 hours of arrival or you will get kicked out. 005. We accept all the ual orientatiations! It doesn't matter if you're straight or not. Love wins. 006. This is closed agency, so no interaction with outsiders. Password: Which one is the twinkest between Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok? 007. Respect everyone. No biased replies, no face-chasing, dramas and cliques. Everyone is your friends. (friendship goals) 008. Tl is unrated and any jokes are allowed. As long as you don't go overboard. Also keep your nasty stuff in dm. 009. Limit your ooc talks. Insert brackets if you do. Please avoid any ooc dramas too. 010. Max hiatus / semi hiatus lasts for three weeks. For semi hiatus, you must tweet at least 7 times for a week.
001. Check the masterlist and reserve your desired character. If you can't choose, feel free to check our wishlist. 002. Comment down your chosen character and timezone + password. 003. Once your reservation is accepted, You have 24 hours to make or recycle an account. 004. If the admins haven't accept your reservation, mention the base to notify us.  005. Also mention the base for verification and if the admins haven't reply in 15 minutes, you can interact with other members. We do accept both aff and twitter reservations. 006. Username format is @rst(idol) or @(idol)rst. All lowercaps. Don't forget to put 'Reset' anywhere in your profile. 007. Have fun and let's reset everything.
taken. reserved. admin.
aoa. seolhyun
apink. namjoo
blackpink. jennie jisoo rose
bts. hoseok, jimin, jungkook, taehyung 
exo. baekhyun kai
mamamoo. solar
nct. taeyong
pristin. kyulkyung 
red velvet. joy yeri 
seventeen. woozi mingyu
super junior. heechul
twice. nayeon momo
wanna one. daniel guanlin jihoon
weki meki. yoojung doyeon
soloist. somi iu hyuna
trainee. hyungseob
somi. bts' rap monster, nuest's dongho, wanna one's daniel and ioi.
taehyung. bts, twice (esp nayeon and chaeyoung), blackpink (esp jisoo), red velvet (esp irene), nct, wjsn, seventeen, wanna one, and iu.
jungkook. complete bangtan. twice and blackpink. 
jimin. complete bangtan (esp seokjin), gfriend (sinb and yuju), red velvet, exo (esp suho), dean, highlight, snsd and shinee.
mingyu. svt (esp woozi, the8, and scoups), pristin (rena and roa), red velvet (esp joy), twice's tzuyu, blackpink and basically all girls.
namjoo. apink, jung hyesung, btob and her 2 children seonho, hyungseob and teen top (esp changjo). 
kyulkyung. nct's doyoung.
nayeon. exo's xiumin and kai, seventeen's seungcheol and complete twice members.
heechul. the rest of super junior, shinee, exo's chen and exid's hani.
jennie. complete blackpink, exo's chanyeol, ikon's junhoe and b.a.p's yongguk.
joy. wanna one's woojin, pristin's xiyeon, dreamcatcher's yoohyeon and all of ikon.
iu. bts' yoongi and exo's d.o.
taemin x minhyuk. 171101. dating.
hoseok x jimin. 170615. 171111. engaged.
name x name. 000000. dating.
name x name. 000000. engaged.

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wjsn's eunseo
+moving couple w tzuyu
twice's sana please!
neighbourhoods #3
twice's mina.
twice's tzuyu!
pristin's yuha
+ hoseok (move in couple with minkyung!)
illuminatelyfe #6
exo sehun
hm, taehyung
svt scoups. ♡
-7, taehyung.
fervor #8
sonamoo's nahyun.
minus five.
prob jungkook.
imstraight- #9
Nct's taeyong