Balance and Ruin


A Final Fantasy VI AU: Chocobo rancher Kang Seulgi gets taken on the ride of her life when a group of rebels calling themselves the Returners abscond with her birds!


EDIT: Cover art made by the ever-delicious and always ineffably lovely author bubunn! AKA Eclair~ <3 Thank you so much!!!! 


1,000 years ago, there was a battle known as the War of the Magi. The chaos surrounding these events nearly rent the world asunder as figures attempted to take control of the gods' forbidden magic and use it towards their own ends.

But magic is not it meant to be controlled by fickle and flawed humans, a race consumed by greed and petty ambitions. Indeed, the gods decided that magic is not meant for this world at all, and made a pact with each other to seal their essences away. They told the survivors of the war to uphold one final decree:

"We must never be woken."

But even as the gods turned themselves into stone to remove temptation from the humans, they had underestimated their lust for power. While the gods slept, the humans were busy hunting down every rumor, every trace of magic that remained in their world, collecting it and using it for their own ends.

And as war brews again, the Empire of Gestahl threatens to tip the world out of Balance, and plunge it into Ruin.

Hello, this is Haro! The next couple chapters are probably going to be much longer than usual, so please wait for me! We're almost halfway through the story! (I think)

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weheartpringles 2 points #1
Chapter 16: I've been a silent reader up til now because I didn't have enough confidence in my English to drop by and say something (I still don't) but I loved this chapter so much I had to say something

...there are so many things I want to say where to start

I love the way seulgi is portrayed here, so naive and ingenious yet so charming, irene was doomed from the start.
I love how you always expand the world, always fit in others characters, it's like another universe really. a real red velvet final fantasy au (I don't even know why I'm praising you for that it was literally written in the description lol but still, I'm amazed)
And omg I can't believe this fic was one of the reasons I started shipping wenji, THEY'RE SO CUTE WTF
Also I'm living for queen joy she really is a queen
I secretly don't want wenrene angst, I'm a strict seulrene/wenji shipper I don't want any of them to get hurt so please nooo I'll cry

I'll end it here, it's too long lmao
Even if my English is not perfect, I'll try to comment more from now on.
saturnxvi 1 points #2
Chapter 16: Finally had enough time to catch up lol I've been trying to finish the game for the past few days but at the same time I don't want to sdlskd

Anyway, there's so many things happening in this chapter I love it!! It's kind of weird and amazing how you can make every single character shine in their own way hmm idk how to explain it. I can see where you're taking the story and so far, I've enjoyed it a lot! It's overwhelming how there's still so much to go through, but I think you're doing an excellent work!
xyz_exol 1 points #3
Chapter 16: you used exo members sdlkfjasdjgv i thought u didn't know any boy groups askdjfhklsdjfhl
i really think the writing reflects the author after reading this, like, what?
yes, half of this chapter is depressing but i'm going to just /quietly/ ignore it. angst? i don't know her
how did yeri guess so accurately tho? did moonbyul not get the same treatment as joy?
and what is seulgi saying about no one cheating? aren't boko and irene cheating on her?
Chillbear #4
Chapter 16: Leeteuk i'm gonna chase you with a brick whatthef-
blahblah212701 1 points #5
blahblah212701 1 points #6
if i could reach the minimum points to upvote author, i would DEFINITELY DO IT!!! thks for the recent update showing us the interesting developments in the stories:)))
1 points #7
Chapter 16: poor byul. irene never loses in a game ya know? and omg somi way to react HAHAHAHA

and i wanna burn leeteuk alive here ugh together with his uwee hee hee and everything annoying about him. this clown i just agh >:-(
1 points #8
Chapter 16: I wish Wendy would just burn Leeteuk. I hate the 'Uwee Hee Hee!'
1 points #9
Chapter 16: Lolol i almost choked on dinner reading about Byul and Irene playing cards XDDD Byul sounded like a kid whining because she's on a losing streak lmao

And honestly..eunji should just break the fcking crown and toss bits of it to Leeteuk..Mean Girls style. A bit for you and a bit for you over there