merriment; join us. we lots of ugli pips. ♡


a twitter based roleplay established in october 2017.
scroll right for more information!
merriment roleplay!
twitter rp // open & accepting // join today!
001. a general, non-au, closed agency. interact only with members and accounts related to the place, accepts only korean entertainment personalities
002. facechasing, biased replies and cliques are strictly prohibited. in case of drama regarding ic, consult an admin.
003. newbies must reach a certain number of tweets (30) within 24  hours to not get kicked out. 3 days of inactivity will result to unverification.
004. strictly one account per operator. PW: favorite kpop variety show
005. planning to be in a relationship? both sides needs to have 300 tweets and stayed for atleast 5 days upon arrival. consult the base via dm if a relationship is official. move-ins are welcomed.
006. pg 16. lewd and rude actions will be reprimanded. topics that may trigger a person is prohibited. everyone is old enough to understand this.
007. tccs and ccs are unliimited, but do not abuse the privilege. 24 hours use of you temporary character;
008. have fun and be friendly! ♡
how to join ♡
001. subscribe. upvote is optional.
002. check masterlist for your desired character, comment down below for your reservation that will last for a day. character's full name, timezone and password
003. you have 24 hours to make your account. recycling is allowed as long as the tweets and followers/following are cleaned.
004. format: @merriNAME OR NAMEMERRI (LOWERCASE). no special character allowed.
005. follow everyone and mention base for verification, if you have not been welcomed within 20 minutes or arrival, you can freely interact with everyone.
006. before making an account, wait for the admin's reply.
form ♡
name :
face-claim :
group :
timezone :
password :
MERRIMENT: (N) AN OCCASION WHEN PEOPLE LAUGH OR HAVE AN ENJOYABLE TIME TOGETHER. and just like the meaning itself, let's all have a good time and be a warm and loving family altogether. we will make you feel what ohana feels like. and by saying ohana, no one gets left behind. <3
featured members
name & name
masterlist ♡
admin taken reserved
afterschool: nana
apink: naeun
astro: eunwoo
bap: daehyun, zelo
blackpink: jisoo, jennie, rosie, lisa
btob: sungjae, minhyuk, ilhoon
bts: jimin, taehyung, jungkook
dia: chaeyeon
exo: kyungsoo, BAEKHYUN(22)
exid: hani
got7: jinyoung, jackson
gugudan: mimi, sejeong
jbj: hyunbin, donghan
jyj: jaejoong 
kard: somin, jiwoo
loona: heejin
mamamoo: solar, hwasa(22)
mxm: donghyun, youngmin
monsta x: kihyun
nct:johnny, taeyong, jaehyun, doyoung
pristin: roa, rena, yuha, eunwoo, xiyeon
red velvet: irene, joy
seventeen: mingyu, joshua, seungcheol
stray kids: felix, changbin
twice: mina, nayeon, SANA
wanna one: daniel, woojin, minhyun, guanlin, jihoon
weki meki: lucy
wjsn: luda
soloists : samuel, JAEWON
wishlist ♡
daniel x mina
080517 : engaged
samuel x heejin
111117 : dating
woojin x daehyun
102817 : dating
naeun x jackson
100117 : dating
taehyung x jennie
030717 : dating
eunwoo x jiwoo
080517 : dating
112517-120217: school au event
ps: we play games everyday @ 7pm kst. <3
established : 010101   population : 00 qts   non-au / crack   all orientations

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merribase 0 points #1
bambratatata 0 points #2
btob's minhyuk, please.
knowing bros.
numericaI 0 points #3
btob's ilhoon, please.
weekly idol!
0 points #4
crime scene
doukyuusei 0 points #5
nct’s doyoung, please.
2 days & 1 night!
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mamamoo Hwasa please!
+running man
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0 points #8
Rapper, ONE 「Jung Jaewon」
running man
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exo's baekhyun, thank you!
+7, weekly idol,
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winner's jinwoo, plus eight, knowing brothers.