A Singer's Revenge


Jongdae is getting tired of his normal, unchanging schedule. His orderly life has been boring him, so he's looking for a way to bring it some new pizzaz. Once he hears someone singing on the top of his favorite restraunt, his life turns upside down and he meets the man of his dreams. Has Jongdae found the love of his life, or is it just an illusion?


Firstly, I really do believe that I have a good story plot this time, and I'm looking forward to writing this as much as possible. Hopefully this is more sucessful than my other story(s)...

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Jong_daelicious #1
Chapter 14: Your story is perfect, i hope you update more often!!!
safarisunset 69 streak #2
Chapter 10: I didn’t even see your lovely shoutout in the last chapter, since I didn’t want to accidentally read any spoilers! Thank you so much for that! I just enjoy reading your story, and I’m glad that I can support you! <3 And as for this chapter, I’m glad that the two of them finally said something about what’s been plaguing them. I wonder why Minseok has such terrible dreams with his father...what did his father do before he just disappeared?
safarisunset 69 streak #3
Chapter 8: I would definitely love to read more about Jongdae’s relationship with his mother, or the reason behind Minseok’s nightmares, but that’s completely up to you! And it does seem like a lot is happening to the both of them, but that’s how life is sometimes. But they really need to talk to each, ‘cause nothing can get better with the way things are going! Thank you for the new chapter! <3
safarisunset 69 streak #4
Chapter 7: Jongdae has got to some explaining to do, goodness gracious!! I really like the way that Luhan and Sehun are trying to look after Minseok, even though he cares a lot about Jongdae, sometimes things can snowball and get even worse....now I’m going to read the next chapter!
safarisunset 69 streak #5
Chapter 5: Please don’t call your work trash! I enjoyed reading the first chapter so much that I read everything else you’ve written so far (even though I definitely have some studying to do lol), and I love the way that Jongdae wants to take care of Minseok, it’s so cute!
Chapter 5: oh it feels so much better with the confession now *_* really, what a smooth relationship i'm jealous pfu
Chapter 4: oh it went to smoothly hahahaha
Jack3f #8
Chapter 4: Ooh who could the caller have been?? I'm curious.
Chapter 1: Oooooh it's so cute im sure it's love at first sight uhuhhhhh looking forward to their development