「Hiraeth Complex」 | ❝ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍᴀʏ ɴᴏᴛ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʜᴀᴅ ᴀ ʜᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴡ ❞ | ﹄City AU/Apartment AU! ﹃ Cleaned out MASTERLIST!

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Instagram based
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SEMI-LIterate  AU
about us
More often we wander the streets, alone and longing. Longing to have a home in which we are able to have someone to light up your world when you are sad. Have dinner with late at night or just a simple drinking buddy. Home is not something most have or are blessed with. A home that supports and keeps us safe, protected. But what you go to realize is that home is people. Not a physical place. Yes, it can be a physical place when the right people are around you. Hiraeth (n.) a homesickness for a home you can't return to, or that never was. You have us now. You can choose your friends and you can make a home yourself.
rules and how to join
001 // Subscribe is a must and upvotes are welcomed and encouraged!
002 // Limited Drama in CHARACTER if both parties acknowledge it. OOC Drama is 1oo% forbidden. We reserve the right to kick people out of out rp.
003 // Temporary CCs last 1-week max. CCs are unlimited, but you have to be the character for at least 2-weeks.
004 // Hiatus lasts one month max and Semi-Hiatus are 2 weeks max. No CCs are allowed if you are on hiatus or semi-hiatus.
005 // You need to post 3 times within your first 24hours, Post at least 3 times a week.
006 // All ual orientations are allowed. Relationships have a one week ban while engagements/marriages have a one month ban. Moving couples are always welcomed. Only A and B relationships, which mean no more than two people in one relationship. POLYGAMY IS NOT ALLOWED.
007 // We only allow Asian descents for now! (P. what does hiraeth mean to you?)
008 // Please inform base if you are leaving, taking hiatus, character changing, dating, or if you any questions or concerns.
009 // Living arrangements will be decided by the user. You can choose between Hyacinth Apartment or Koronis Apartment or Psyche Apartment or (More apartment types will be added as more people join
010 // Please understand that people are busy or have lives outside this rp. If they do not reply, maybe give them time or see if your way of speaking is off-putting. DO NOT join and leave because you aren't able to make friends right off the bat. FRIENDSHIP TAKES TIME.
011 // The timeline is 17+ which means it can be a bit rated. Please be wary as you join. THIS IS NOT A SM*T ROLEPLAY SO NO /O.
012 // You are not an idol. This is a full AU. You will make up your own story and personality. It can be based off an idol but please understand you aren't an actual idol.

Fill out the application correctly, if you fail to do so you will not be accepted and told to fix the application.
name of face claim-
Apartment- Hyacinth or Koronis or Psyche

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basicallymeanie #1
bae joohyun
red velvet
business student & cam girl
born into a family with little money, for the first few years of her life she knew nothing more. poverty was the way of life where she came from, but when one event changed her life she would never look back. at the age of seven, joohyun had lost both of her parents. they deemed it a suicide, but she knew better than that. it was because they couldn’t live, they had no money and everything went to her. all the food, clothes, and water. she was the pride and joy of their little family. shortly after their death, they had found her grandmother who had been deemed her legal guardian, but what she didn’t know was that her grandmother was a successful business woman. she was taken under her wing and taught to grow up quickly, but to always stay humble. her grandmother was the woman she wished to be, successful and happy with what she does. at eighteen, when she was legal, she left to live out on her own and had to learn how to do so once again, that’s when she decided the only way to do this was to follow everything she had learned from her, now late, grandmother. joohyun gave herself a name, irene, and this would soon become the name many knew “her” by. the other her, her other side. as a flourishing business student with goals much bigger than those that meets the eye, she decided to do cam shows on the side to help pay for it. there was still a missing piece of her, and that was home.
alpha apartment.
a place where i can find meaning and feel comfortable.
Jeon Jungkook
Student + part job as a dj
Originating from one of the richest families in Busan, his father’s business quickly rose from a small, local company to one of the biggest international Samsung export players in the Korean market, projecting his family from their humble state into a carefree life of luxury and privilege.
He was forced to mature at a young age, leaving his friends and everything he loved behind at the early age of 12 when he was sent to an expensive private school in Seoul that would take care of all his needs as his parents were too busy with expanding their company and decided it was for the best to send him away.
Soon after hitting his teens and getting a taste of real life, he begins to rebel against the uptight environment he’s been raised in.
Extremely gifted student and born with a natural charisma and charm, he manages to keep the good boy image alive and well in the minds of many as his true identity comes out when around the people he gets close to.
He gets hired as a DJ shortly after hitting the required age as everyone is impressed with his skills and the passion he pours into his music, everyone except his parents.

Alpha ap.
Hopefully a place I can enjoy.
MeloveBaozi #3
Im Jin Ah / Nana
After School;Model
Law student, studying psychology, to be attorney

Born in Korea, growing up in many countries blah blah blah. When coming up into the world even as a child, she was controlled by her parents...she still is. They always moved from place to place, she never gained any type of frienship either. All they really wanted is to control her life and lifestyle which she doesn’t fight against. They could take anything away from her in the blink of an eye. Her parents were both solely successful CEOS, yeah sounds like your basic rich kid life but it isn’t like that. Nana has always been suffering quietly, she never wanted this life but she has to live it. She had always wanted to become a dancer or a traveler, but never put much effort into the dream of hers due to the restrictions she faced.
Aspect of home is the sweet smell and temperature or the feeling of peacefulness and love.
Moon Hyuna
Ex - Nine Muses ; Solo singer ; Model
UTC +1
Born in New York, from two Korean entrepreneurs established there, Hyuna grew up in a upper middle class but loveable family. Her parents and herself all got along really well, and maybe that was one of the reasons she valued family and friendship so much. Personality wise, she is quite gregarious but very mature. Although she has an abrasive exterior, people realize once they get to know her better that she's often times misunderstood. She is bubbly and easy-going, but her temper may be the worst one can come across to.
Theta Apartment
One aspect ? Where your heart is, and at peace.
Chapter 1: hi, i noticed that jungkook is still reserved even if the application was submitted on the 29th, is he available now?
Chapter 1: Hello! I saw your wishlist, and the wishes are characters I am not used to/comfortable with. I was therefore wondering if I could get your help in choosing between Pony (Park Hyemin), Byeon Jeongha, Park Sora and Moon Hyuna? Thank you in advance!
EmptySpace #7
- 6
Cafe barista / small YouTube vlogger
Life was always relatively easy for Rose. Her family was loaded and she had brains to boot, not to mention that she also tended to get what she wanted with a simple bat of the lashes and a tilt of the head. The world was putty in her hands and she knew it. Of course, that wouldn't always be the case. Her parents had decided to cut her off once she graduated high school - for her own good, they had said. Now in her college years, Rose has been cast into the mist with people of the same smarts, charm, and financial status as she. It was rough at first and she didn't mix well with others due to her strong personality so rose decided to branch out of the dorms and find herself an apartment and a job off campus. Soon she found herself in the real world and she wasn't ready for it at all. Mommy and daddy hadn't prepared her for living alone and she is struggling to keep herself afloat. Her only solitude is the Internet where she can vent out her day in vlogs.
Theta apartment
A sense of belonging, comfort and love
asdfmnbv #8
jennie kim
an underground kickboxer
jennie has a personality which confuses often people when they first meet. she's quiet and cautious like a baby kitten, however never angry. having been grown up from a rough town and rough family, over the highschool years her streetfighting turned into her best skills and kickboxing became something she was passionate about.
at 17, she had her first win. her body covered in sweat and blood, it was the exhilaration she had been craving all her life, that had been finally discovered.
she smiles alot, to share her happiness with her friends and cares for animals deeply, visiting the animal care whenever she can.
alpha apartment
very quiet, however has a peaceful serene atmosphere.
Chapter 1: christian yu
director/dpr live
tattoo artist
born in australia to an upper middle class family, christian was quickly dealt with a harsh reality when his father abandoned the family when he was just four years old. alone with his mother, the young woman struggled to raise him on her own before moving them to south korea when he was 17. there, he quickly fell in with the wrong crowd, drinking, smoking, and participating in a slew of illegal activities. his troublesome behavior caught up with him however, the young man landing in jail when he was 19 after stealing a car and crashing it into a convenience store. with his mother disappointed in him, he remained in prison until he was released when he was 25, where he managed to get his high school diploma and even a bachelor's in business. christian attempted to get his life together as he lived with his mother, but faced too much harsh judgement and decided that when he was 27, he would simply move away and try to start over - landing him at the hiraeth complex. he is a cold person who struggles to open up to people and often distrustful of their intentions, but once he lets them in he can be warm and protective. he never hides the fact that he was once in prison as it's not something he's ashamed of, he sees it as something that helped him to become a better and smarter person.
single apartment
comfort, familiarity, warmth, and happiness is a home
BtStRaShFoRrEaL #10
Jeon Jungkook
Nursing Student, convenient store worker
Jungkook came from a regular family, both parents working and an older brother to play with as he grew up. He's never had anything significant really happen to him as he grew up, no traumatic incidents or life-changing events. As far as he thought he was just some regular growing adult. He's passionate about helping people which lead him to go into school right after graduating to become a nursing student and future Nurse Practitioner. He's out on his own in hopes of spicing his normal life up.
Alpha Apartments
P; The warmth of those you care about around.