Game of Love!

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Son Naeun is a simple girl who doesn't believe in Love at all and is only focussed on her studies and her dear Family. Her life has been the same until one day, Her elder sister walks into house with tears dangerously pouring from her eyes after being dumped by her boyfriend, Kim Jongin. Seeing that terrifying sight of her completely heart broken sister, Naeun decides that this Guy who made her one and only sister cry must pay for it, but how?


This led Naeun to change her simple life by tossing herself into a Love game with Kim Jongin, aiming to achieve her goal of completely shattering the guy's heart without thinking of the consequences this game might lead to. Will she succeed in her plans yet she has never had a dating experience? Will she manage to make him fall for her without loving him back? What if she ends up Falling for him? Or worse, end up putting her first Love on the line or even losing him...


Who Wins? And who Loses...


Will there even be a Winner?


Annyeong once more:-) This is my wattpad story, an exopink fanfic. I'm a hardcore exopink shipper. Hope you'll love this fanfic which is my first. Thank you ♥ 


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Daewon9397 #1
Chapter 15: damnit idk should choose kaieun or seeun ?? but my heart told me im more to naeunxsehun damnn sorry kaieun
seobcoups #2
Chapter 15: I didn't know who will Naeun choose end up later because everything is possible. She might be with Sehun if both of really do like each other but if we're going to the expected ending, Kai might change and both of them will fall in love? Ahh idk anymore, I'll just wait for your update hehe
Chapter 14: Happy new year authornim❤.. I already read this story at wattpad..waiting for you to finish this story..and I remember you had ask about pairing naeunxkai or my answer is naeunxsehun..well it akward if naeunxkai because kai is ex-boyfriend yoona and she just want to take a revenge and give kai some lesson..thornim~~jjang?~~
bubibuyu #4
Chapter 15: This story is getting interesting you know.and i luuuuuuv it
seobcoups #5
Chapter 14: Is Sehun the guy who sent the letter to Naeun everyday? Because I think he is. Kaiii why you gotta be an s ugh btw I found this story interesting so I'm looking forward for the next chapter ;)
Chapter 14: Aww...who are you sehun
I really enjoy this story keep up the good work lol
Looking forward to next chapter
Chapter 13: Jongin...being evil huh
angel114 #8
Chapter 13: OH OMG! He’s so evil, I don’t think the luck is on his side yet. Maybe she’ll throw up on him before he gets to steal her first kiss. Lol I love this story and can’t for your next chapter.
Chapter 13: Waiting for your new update chapter in wattpad
It is an amazing story
120 streak #10
Chapter 11: lmao she's gonna make him look like a fool before this is all over. It's gonna be interesting once feeling start to creep up on them.