Looking Through the Glass


With every passing day, I learned more and more about you.


A Seulrene oneshot that turned out to be a lot longer than I intended.

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ShadowMe #1
Chapter 1: Wow just wow. I feel so touched I don't know even how to express this with words, but it was such a long incredibly sweet story. When Irene got into an accident my heart broke in hundreds of bajillion pieces and at the end it revived from all the sweetness. I was going to light heartedly enjoy this fic so I didn't expect to be destroyed by feelings wow I practically melted in a soft clump of joy, serenity and soft feelings in general uwu
annyya #2
Chapter 1: Im crying rn. This is one of the best stories i have ever read.
MonbebexBlink #3
Chapter 1: Read this while waiting for an update on Temporarily yours andit was so preciousss omg ❤️❤️
gleek1502 #4
This fic is so fckin soft omg i lovw this so so so so much
I just want to share it to everyone :( thank you, author for this fic :((( i rlly love this
Chapter 1: This fic is so beautiful! Thank you very much for writing this. It really deserves to be featured, btw, it is difficult to find pretty ones like this :) Congrats!!
Soju83 #6
Chapter 1: This is ah.. very amazing. Very well written. I really love this. Congrats for being featured btw!
Chapter 1: this is so... breathtaking. got me into some feelings, its really beautiful. and plus, this is one of my favorite ships. thanks for all your hardwork, i really love it
WolfZarate #8
Chapter 1: This is the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever read. So many emotions were felt while reading this. Thank you for writing this. It is beyond amazing.
Congratulations on getting featured!
shimar #10
Chapter 1: Wow that... Was... Just wonderful. Really amazing. Thank you so much for writing this, you are an incredible writer and I hope I can read more from you in the future. And once again thank you.