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In which Sehun, ruthless heir to a crime lord vows revenge to the woman who cheated on him after murdering her other lover in cold blood. But he was still missing one thing; Ara, his unfortunate girlfriend's twin sister who was rather clueless, unaware of the upcoming trouble Sehun had prepared for her that will either change her life for better or for worse.


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Oh, and before you rat me about a sequel, I'm sorry but there won't be one.


Sehun fever intensifying.

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0 points #1
Chapter 10: Perfection.
0 points #2
Chapter 10: Ths is sooo cute! I cant stop smiling >v<
Love this! ❤️
MissMong24 #3
Chapter 10: Man this is such an awesome yet twisted story.
Chapter 10: Aww sehun can be sweet guy <3
Chanyeol is me in every situation. This was a really good mafia!au fic and I like how you made their relationship seem okay. :)
Chapter 10: Omg hehehe sooo cuteee. Didnt expect it would turn out to be fluffy but i LOVEEEEEEE it. Love your writen skill and the way you pictures them. Love ara and sehun !!
xoTANox #7
Chapter 8: Well, I think I should have an appointment at the mental hospital too then hahahaha. Such a cliffy! I want more hahahhaa. Great story by the way. LOTS OF LOVE~
Chapter 10: awww i can't help but to coo at how cute ara and sehun are... really enjoyed reading this story author! at first i didn't expect it to have fluffs but a bloody storyline... but this proved me wrong.. really really love how you portrayed the character... also the wau you beautifully describe the situation. loving your writing style too... i def will check your other stories. thank you for writing this amazing story!
155 streak #9
Chapter 10: The sentence 'I almost threw my wine glass at him' made me laugh so much haha I thought that Ara was pregnant with being so moody and all that. Sehun would probably freak out if she were, wouldn't he? haha
It was nice seeing Ara and Sehun at work, even if it was more milder part of the gang job~
But it's the end, huh? The story is finished. I'm quite sad because I wished there would be more fluffy moments between Ara and Sehun, but it doesn't mean I'm disappointed. No, not at all. I feel like this story had its own charm, there was something enticing in here. I don't know how to describe it haha But yeah, it was really good story, and I like it. Good job! ^_^