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0 points #1
You're very welcome! AND THANK GOODNESS! YES! Super good news today! :D
I personally like the present tense but it's what sounds comfortable to you, like in your writing. For my ongoing story on here, I've been using first person. Telling it as if I was her and experiencing what she's experiencing. For my next story, I'll be doing in third person; recording the events of the characters lives.
It's entirely how you feel, what writing style you feel comfortable writing in. As long as people don't get confused when, for example, you go back and forth between tenses "present and past" you know what I mean. If you story is in the present tense make sure you clarify that "He walks over to the bookshelf" as opposed to shifting it to past "he walked over to the bookshelf" OR future tense "He will walk to the bookshelf" Hope that's not too complicated to understand..

And No, I think you should keep Sayu as an OC character. Not all stories have to go under "kpop/kdrama" community. It's nice to see a main character (sometimes who's not asian) be the main focus of a story involving a person of asian descent. So I think you should keep her an OC and then have people imagine her for being an OC instead of using say... Yoona from SNSD as a character. Because people know how Yoona is and who she is and what her personality is like. Broaden the spectrum by creating a character nobody really knows much about :D
I am glad you let me read your story and I can't wait for more! :D Also, come by and subscribe at the new shop. There you can request more stories and such :D
Good luck with the story and can't wait for more!
chimincakes 0 points #2
Chapter 9: Thank you for reviewing my story @baekies Yes I made up my mind and I will continue the story :) What you said helped a lot. Yeah I don't know if I should go with past or present tense, do you have any suggestions? Also, i'm worried that the name being 'sayu' would throw readers off a bit since it isnt familiar. Do you think I should keep Sayu as an OC or maybe use someone else in the kpop/kdrama community so readers would relate to them more? Thank you so much for reviewing you're helping me a lot! :))
Quillest123 #3
Author Name- Quillest123
Story Name: Cheating Death
Story Link:
Profile Link:
Characters: Bts, OC
Genre: Fantasy, angst, romance
Summary: Hwang Jaera had inherited her mother's slyness, her father's temper and her grandmother's ability to see the dead. In her defence, she didn't know much about the Other World. She was just another street orphan trying to make money. Really, how was she supposed to know that her not so innocent dealings with the Undead would incur the wrath of the Mort Fae? The ghosts were happy. She was very happy. But of course, the Mort Fae just had to in
Chapters: 2, ongoing
Password: Livid
Your Favorite Bias: Amber
Author Note: Please be honest. :)
Chapter 7: first of all, thank you so much for taking your time reviewing my story ;A; it means a lot to me! i was writing this fic when i was in distressed and in need to let something out, what better way to do than write a fic amirite aha
anyways, i purposely left out a few things for others' to imagine but perhaps you were right kkk, i do need to add extra information
(askslksam the gifs u put up or so cute ;A;)

once again, thank you so much! credits on the foreword, let me know if i miss out anything xo
Hi how do I require a beta?
MakeYourMove #6
Author Name: MakeYourMove
Story Name: The Latibule
Story Link:
Profile Link:
Characters: OC, BTS, EXO
Genre: Scifi, Psychological, Thriller
        In the near future, humanity faces extinction as a virus known as Storm, spread throughout the world. A Dome was built to protect the remaining human population.
        To keep this peace a group of Hunters, sacrifice their lives and fight to the death against the creatures known as Wretched Ones or Ruin who devour humanity.
        Yanna, a cadet, has promised to follow the steps of her deceased father. But she will soon discover what lies beneath the facade of the Dome that has promised a safe and a beautiful life for them.
        One day her world turns upside-down as a band of assassins massacre everyone on the train.
        And they might be recruiting a new member.

Chapters?: 17
Password: Livid
Your Favorite Bias? Rap Monster from BTS and Kris, and Kai from EXO
Author Note: English is not my first language. This is also my first story. However, I would like an honest review as I believe this would help me to improve as an author.
Thank you.
Chapter 1: Author name: AcidBlackCherry96
Story Name: Les Chevaliers Du Ciel (Warriors Of The Sky)
Story link:
Profile link:
Characters: Various Kpop artists
Genre: war / Pilot AU / airforce AU
Summary: A series of oneshots about various pilots stretching across two wars.
Chapters: Two so far
Password: livid
Your Favourite Bias?: Jooyoung and Brave Girls's Yuna
Author Note: Please be as brutally honest as you can. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my writing and would like to know where and how I can improve on each chapter, even the published ones.
PeanutsWithCream #8
are you hiring reviewers?
chimincakes #9
Author Name: chimincakes
Story Name: Universe X
Story Link:
Profile Link:
Characters: Do Kyungsoo, EXO, OC (maybe) or female actor
Genre: soulmate/fantasy/mystety
Summary: Sayu has been having vivid dreams of some strange boy in this strange world. She doesn't know he exists until she sees him debut with the name of Kyung Soo.
Chapters: i just have the summary and forward so far
Password: livid
Your Favorite Bias?: Kyungsoo
Author Note: Hi, so this story was just an idea i had. I would like to try to continue build this story on and would just like a few tips and advice. PLease tell me if the summary and forward is interesting enough to catch people's attention and give me advice on how to improve please. Thank you :)